Wrapping Up Our Reports

It has been a Literacy-heavy week this week as we finish publishing our information reports. The kids have done such an amazing job with these and all the adults have been commenting on their independence, maturity and the quality of the writing. When compared to their first reports at the start of the year, the progress is staggering.

We’ve also found some time to do some inquiring into grouping and . have . been thinking flexibly to represent multiplication, factors, grouping in many different ways. A few key ideas are that arrays represent multiplication, that we can switch the order, and . the connections between the concrete (counters etc), the abstract (arrays and number lines) and the symbolic (equations).

Next week we’ll be finishing off the unit by thinking hard about conservation and our own responsibilities as we think about how we can take action based on what we have learned. After that, a well-deserved break! As always, please do let us know if you have any wonderings, suggestions or concerns.


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