Wow! 2019-20 will be a year to remember. Our students have shown themselves to be courageous and resilient. They have grown as learners, becoming more independent and creative. We are very proud of what they have achieved.

Due to the extreme heat, a number of recess times have been spent indoors and the kids have running workshops and sharing so many of their skills. We have continued to reflect on this rather historic year through a creative lens as we aim our sights to Grade 4.

Although teachers and classes for next year will not be arranged until August, students were able to spend some time in their new Grade 4 space during ‘Moving-up Morning’.

Next week, we break up for the summer holidays with an early finish on Wednesday (12:00). There will be no lunch at school. Please ensure all library books are returned and consider sending in an extra bag to bring home all belongings.  If you’d like to join the leavers assembly, please see communications from the school for the zoom information.

We also want to say a big ‘Thank you’ to our Parent Community. This year has been more of a partnership in education than ever before. We have greatly appreciated your care and support.

The best of luck and happiest of UNIS Hanoi memories to those of our students and families who are moving on. We wish you all a safe, healthy and restful summer break.

Ms Pagoli, Ms Nguyen and the Grade 3 Team

Week B: May 25th-29th

Our second to last week has been a time of celebration and creativity for our community. Elementary farewelled the graduating class of 2020 with some rad signs and lots of cheering during the Grand Walk.

For Arts Week, we’ve danced, sung, drummed, illustrated, written, folded, painted and pom pom-ed and shared our creativity. We used the artistic knowledge gained during our HWEO unit to create amazing abstract pieces for Arts Week.

Next week (Week A), we will wrap up the year with more fun, reflection and community.

-Have a restful weekend-

Week A: May 18th – 22nd

Our second week back has been super busy! The whole-school morning wellness Zooms were great fun, getting us up and moving in the classroom. It is great to stay connected and have fun as a community, wherever we may be.

With our new routines streamlined, the kids let loose with their enthusiasm and newfound independent learning skills to wrap up the unit. There was a fantastic buzz to the finale of our inquiry into space. The students have been working hard to polish up their informative paragraphs, create presentations and spent time in the Maker Space crafting their representation of learning.

Next week we will loop back into our ongoing unit Who We Are, to reflect on our beliefs, values and the strangest school year in history- certainly one we’ll never forget. There is a huge amount to celebrate!
Swimming Resumes Next Week
A reminder that the swimming unit will run from May25th to June 9th for Grades 1-5. Any student that is not swimming will be participating in a physical fitness program during the P.E lesson. Borrowing of swimming costumes, goggle, caps or towels will not be allowed during this time. If you have any questions, please contact the Aquatics Manager.
– Have a wonderful weekend –

Week B: May 11th-15th

We have been so excited to be back on campus! It has been wonderful to reconnect in person with the students and see how much more independent they have become. Friendships and classroom communities have been renewed🤗
New routines for snack, lunch and recesses are in place and the students are doing a great job of following these.
We have all been participating in the Book Week activities and students have been completing their individual “Space” research. Next week they will have the opportunity to decide how they would like to share some of their learning and discoveries. 
We look forward to the ‘new normal’ becoming even more normal next week!

-Have a lovely weekend-

Week A: January 13th – 17th


Welcome: We welcome Tellesson Myles and family (Mrs. La’Tressa Myles and Mr. Telly Myles) to 3B and the UNIS community.

Buddies: Our first session after the winter holiday break, and the kids were excited to be with each other again. Ms Nitasha also popped in to read a story.


Math- We have commenced our inquiry into Division. We began by making a connection to other operations (multiplication, repeated addition, repeated subtraction). To begin, conceptually it is important for the kids to understand division as GROUPING (number of groups) and SHARING (how many in each group). Understanding the difference is particularly important when they apply their understanding to word problems.

Literacy- We have started our unit on Persuasive writing. We are reading examples of persuasive texts and teasing out purpose and language features. We will follow the 5 paragraph structure that was introduced during our Exposition unit (Information Writing).

UOI- Our ‘How we Organise Ourselves’ unit started last week with a simulation activity to introduce the idea of equity/inequity in a market system. The kids worked in groups to produce and sell paper bags. The income from their product had to cover basic living expenses. They had to contend with fluctuations in pricing and demand, and a company with less than ethical business practices.

The vocabulary for this unit is particularly heavy, so the translations into mother-tongue are very helpful (words for next week- consumer, price, wage, company)


Parent/Teacher Conferences: January 22nd (8:00 – 16:00)

Tet holiday: Friday 24th (No school). School resumes Monday 3rd February (Week A)

-Have a restful weekend-



Welcome to 2020


UOI: We have commenced our next unit of Inquiry (How we Organise Ourselves). We will be inquiring into the role that economic activities (production, buying and selling) have on people and the environment.

Home Languages are important!  The beginning of a new unit is a good opportunity to discuss ideas and vocabulary in home languages.  Please take some time to talk with your child about the following words and concepts.  These conversations will continue to develop your language AND deepen understanding in English.


What:Grade 4 Market Day
When: TUESDAY 14 January 10:45-12:00
Bring: maximum of 100,000 VND to spend
The products and services being sold will range from 10,000 VND to 50,000 VND.
All profits will go to organizations that support Childrens’ Rights.
Thank You!
Grade 4 Team
Parent/Teacher Conferences: January 22nd (8:00 – 16:00)

-Have a wonderful weekend-

Happy Holidays from 3B

We wish Seewon and Gabriel a wonderful transition to their home countries. The kids and I are very sad that they are leaving us, but we know that they are off to new and wonderful adventures.

Thank-you parents for your support and great vibes this first part of the year- And now it’s time for some well earned relaxation and reflection!

Week A: November 25th – 29th


Buddies: The kids enjoyed playing outside with their buddies, though apparently their endless energy took a little bit of managing- “Ms Pagoli, little kids are exhausting”… 


UOI– We had a wonderful time visiting the bear rescue centre in Tam Dao. It was refreshing being surrounded by endless green and inspiring to witness the efforts made to protect a vulnerable species.

Math- We continue with multiplication. We are beginning to put multiplication into context through real world examples and story problems.

-Have a restful weekend-

Week B: November 18th – 22nd


Thank-you for all the lovely Teacher Appreciation goodies and cards. Ms. Nguyen and I are incredibly grateful for your kindness and generosity.

Thank-you also to all family members able to join us for open classrooms. The kids loved having you in our learning space, and the extra set of hands and brains is always welcome.


Math: We have commenced our unit on multiplication. We have looked into multiplication as a number sentence, repeated addition and groups of. It is  important to understand that although 5×9 and 9×5 share the same product (commutative), when represented into ‘groups of’ and repeated addition, the sums are in fact different. We have also created a multiplication chart as a class to emphasize this point.

I also introduced Multiplication Madness. This deck of cards game is a great way for kids to not only practise their multiplication facts, but do so with full conceptual understanding. They must say ‘groups of’ and record the related number sentence. Please see below for the instructions.

EXTENSION: The game can be extended by applying 11, 12, and 13 to the character cards- or any values that will challenge (multiples of 10 for example)

SUPPORT- The character cards can also be taken out if kids are not ready. It is important to note, that they can and should be encouraged to count the dots if they are not familiar with the fact- simply memorizing does not build understanding.



We continue to inquire into the words conservation, adaptation and environment. the deconstruction of words via prefixes, suffixes and bases develops a much deeper understanding and connection to other words.


Moon Bear Field Trip- Friday 29th November (forms back by Thursday 28th November please)

Last day before Dec holiday- Friday 13th December


-Happy Weekend-

Open Classroom- 19th Nov

Open Doors – Open Classrooms – Open Minds! 

How does it work?

  • Classrooms across all subject areas in the ES will be designated as ‘open house’ events for certain lessons – 19th November, 2019.
  • two lessons will be designated as ‘open’ in your child’s homeroom class
  • All specialist lessons will be designated as ‘open’
  • All ‘open’ lessons will be detailed on your child’s blog – communicated by their homeroom teacher
  • Parents may attend any of their child’s open lessons – both homeroom classes and specialist lessons.
  • Parents may only visit open lessons in classes that their child attends.
  • Please be aware that not all lessons are designated as ‘open’.  Be sure to check the schedule

What is my responsibility as a visitor to an active learning environment? 

  • Silence and put away all mobile devices.
  • Please enter classrooms quietly and be on time. We recommend you stay for at least 20 minutes to see the flow of the lesson.
  • Please be aware of not interrupting the flow of a lesson/your child’s learning.
  • Interact with your children only when/if invited to do so.  Some classes will be ‘observe only’ while others may be more interactive.

Other important reminders: 

  • Please leave younger siblings at home with a caregiver, so that you may give you full attention to your child’s class.
  • All parents must wear their UNIS Parent ID badge.
  • Photographing students is not permitted.
  • Parents must wear their Parent ID lanyards at all times.
  • Parents may purchase food from the CAFE only, but may not purchase lunches from the canteen (we are unable to cater for unknown numbers).

Below you will find the schedule for 3B’s open classroom sessions. Parents are invited to our Math, UOI, P.E and Art lessons. We hope to see many of you on Tuesday to share in our learning.


Lockdown drill: Monday 18th of Nov.

Moon Bear field trip: updated forms will go out next week. We have rescheduled the moon bear sanctuary for the 29th of Nov.

Have a restful weekend.