Week 10 – 16th October

Welcome back to our 5B Community,

This week in 5B we have been concentrating our efforts on identifying what makes us, us. How we make a difference to the lives of others on a daily basis. What gifts we have to offer our peers, our family, and the wider community. All 5B students agree that they have something to offer; be it a smile to brighten someone’s day or an IT skill to share.

Literacy this week:

5B’s read aloud is ‘A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park. It is based on true events relating to a young boy embarking on a migration to escape war-torn Sudan. Ask your child to tell you about the main characters and some of the challenges they have had to face.

5B have been planning, researching and writing their ‘Migration’ stories in anticipation for their ‘Migration Museum Extravaganza’ on the 27th. Students have received the criteria and are expected plan their time to ensure they make the deadline. Come along to this event and celebrate your child’s learning.

Migration Museum Extravaganza Invitation

Literacy next week:

‘A Long Walk to Water’ should be finished by the end of the week. Students will be required to write a response to the novel, showing they understand key concepts by connecting them to the events in the story.

Students will be hard at work editing, videoing and preparing their migration stories for presenting on the 27th.

Mathematics this week:

5B has been investigating the base-ten system, to ensure a solid understanding of how number work and their relationships towards one another. Questions being investigated have been;

  • What does a tenth look like?
  • What is the pattern of base ten blocks? And
  • How would the pattern of base ten blocks continue to reach one million?
  • What does one million base-ten blocks look like?

Mathematics next week:

Work with ‘Battle Number Boards’ continues to consolidate learning of the base ten system so that we can move into understanding fractions.

The Week that Was. . .

Week 8 – 2nd – 6th October

Dear 5B Community,

It was a pleasure to meet with you at the Parent-Teacher conferences on Tuesday, to share your child’s successes, next steps and gain a deeper understanding of who they are, and what your goals are, for your child.

Trip Week

The feedback received from you was that your child enjoyed their time during trip week. As a G5 teacher, I can share that all the G5 teachers expressed, at one time or another, how impressed they were with the attitudes and caring nature of this year’s students. They were a fantastic bunch to work with and the G5 team look forward to many more opportunities to work together.


5B have been fine-tuning their narrative building skills as they begin to work on developing their migration narrative, which is part of their Migration UOI assessment. The general outline for this is for students to write a narrative using either a fictional character with a historically correct migration journey or investigate a family member or famous person’s migration journey. From there, students will be asked to present their migration narrative during a ‘Migration Museum’ event, to be held late in October. Details to come regarding this event.

Reading groups are well underway, with the main focus on developing reading skills and exposing students to a number of strategies, to gather and make meaning of information.


5B have been working with 5A developing their understanding of reading, speaking and writing numbers into the millions. The simple game used has uncovered some interesting observations, such as students struggling to explain what ‘Tenths’ are or concepts of ‘How much larger’ or ‘smaller’ a number is. 5B and 5A will continue to work together for the next few days to ensure a solid foundation of number and place value knowledge and understanding.


5B continues with our class novel, “Long Walk to Water” and shorter migration stories as models to support the writing of their own narratives. 5B continues to map these migration journeys on their world maps, giving them a greater geographical understanding of the world.

Reflections and Student Blogs

5B have spent time this week reflecting and connecting their experiences during trip week to them personally. They have continued to add to their identity snapshots and have begun to blog their experiences. I have enjoyed reading their thoughts and reflections. Ask your child to share these if they haven’t already.

5B Class Parent
Huge thank you to Sarah Garner for stepping up to be 5B’s class parent. Sarah and I will make a plan to develop a closer relationship between school and home and get back to each of you. So keep an eye out for her emails.


There is no school next week. We look forward to seeing you return on Monday, October 16.

The Week that Was





Week 7 – 25th – 29th September – Trip Week

This week is all about Trip Week.

Why should we have a G5 Trip Week?

Service to others:

How can we assist, support, help others less fortunate than ourselves and in return learn from the experience?

Development of self:

What are my responsibilities to ensure I develop as a well-balanced, independent learner that contributes to society in a positive and respectful way?

Relationships; New and Old:

Why is it important to maintain old relationships and develop new ones?

What elements of friendship do I value and display?

How and why should I help others to be the best they can be?


Reflections and Connections:

What did I learn from this experience?

How has this experience changed me?

How can I use this experience to make me an agent of change?

The Week that Was


Week 6 – September 18th – 22nd

Welcome 5B Community,

Happy Birthday, UNIS. It was wonderful to begin a year of celebrations with all of UNIS on Tuesday. It is sure to be an eventful year.

Whole School Photo to celebrate the 30th Birthday of UNIS

New Furniture for G5 classrooms:
Pop in and view the new furniture we received this week. 5B students planned and organised the classroom, thinking of spaces they could utilise to maximize learning.

“What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude” Bene Brown.

Literacy – 5B continues to develop fictional characters and settings for stories. Next week, 5B students will begin to gathering information about a migration story a member of their family has undergone, or a migration story involving a person of interest, or create a fictional character based on a historical migration. They will begin to work on creating a narrative to share with you during a presentation set for later in the UOI.

Math – Place Value has been at the centre of our Math lessons this week. Understanding how, and recognising that the place value system can be extended beyond hundredths. Through our UOI we have been describing and interpreting different data sets in context. Ask your child to show you the online data sites they have been using to uncover; how passports are ranked worldwide, how passports compare to each other and which countries have been voted most peaceful.

Next week we will be moving into constructing displays, including column graphs, dot plots and tables, appropriate for a given data type, with and without the use of digital technologies.

Service Learning:
As Grade 5 students prepare for their trip week, they are being guided by their teachers to think about ways they can make a difference. We call this being an ‘Agent of Change’. This year, as we visit Vinh Tien School, G5 students have been asked to think of questions they could ask Vinh Tien School students that could lead to making a difference. For example: What do you like about your school? What do you wish your school did more of? If you were the principal of your school, what changes would you make? What do the students at your school like to do during break times?

The idea is to investigate how changes could be made that are self-sustainable and advance the development of all involved. We are looking forward to seeing what data G5 students collect, and how they interpret that data, and what the final outcome or goal is.

Congratulations to the 5B students who put themselves forward to represent 5B in the Student Council this year. 5B proudly announces that Eulalia and Dylan are these students.

You should have received various forms and information regarding Trip Week. These included an overview of what your child will be doing, when and where to drop off and pick up your child. A clothing list and Trip Week Essential Agreements. Please ensure you and your child go over the ‘Trip Week Essential Agreements’ together, then sign and return the form to your child’s homeroom teacher by Monday 25th. It is important to label your child’s belongings so misplaced items can be easily returned. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

The Week that Was:


Week 5 September 11 – 15

Dear 5B Community,

Thank you for your attendance at the ‘Back to school night’ last week. This week we finish up in class assessments and continuing with implementing class routines and expectations.

English – As we read personal migration stories we determine if they are historical fiction, biographies or memoirs. It has been emotional and interesting to delve into so many different journeys. Through these stories, we have examined perspectives, character traits, and settings, as we begin to include these elements into students own writing.

Grade 5 has moved into mixed class reading groups. These focused reading times occur 3 times per week and are intended to meet the needs of your child. The groups smaller than normal class sizes due to the added assistance of Ms. Kristi and Mr. Stefan from our support team.

Math – As we prepare to outfit our classes with new furniture over the weekend. 5B students have capitalized on this opportunity and are measuring, scaling and designing the classroom.

UOI – We continue to look at migration stories. We are mapping the journeys these stories take and delving into the reasons behind migration. You can help support this unit by sharing your own migration stories from your family and extended families with your children. Using words like immigrate, emigrate or refugee would help solidify these new terms.


  • 5B still needs a parent volunteer to be our room parent.
  • Healthy snack sale happens on Wednesday. Please send money with your child so they can buy snacks.
  • Measures of Academic Progress testing begins next week.
  • Personal headphones – each child should have a set of headphones.
  • Keep an eye open for camp information coming home on Monday.

The Week that was:

  • Keep an eye open for camp information coming home on Monday.

The Week that was:




Week 4 – 4th September 2017

Welcome 5B Community,

This week 5B have been working to develop their ‘Identity Snap Shots’ so they can add to this throughout the year. This way students can monitor how their perspectives, ideas, and cultures, change and influence their personality.

G5 has begun a new unit of inquiry this week. Ask your child about the ‘Migration Provocation’ held on Tuesday. All their stories will differ slightly as their experiences and knowledge of moving from country to country are unique.

5B have completed a writing and spelling assessment, and are moving towards completing a math and reading assessment next week. Students can practice reading aloud at home, as well as simple number bonds to 100 and recognize numbers in the hundreds of thousands.The results of these will be made available in due course.

All 5B parents should have received forms for the up and coming ‘ G5 Trip Week’. Please have these (along with a photo copy of your child’s passport) to me as soon as possible. Thank you to the families who have already provided me with these forms.


Hats, water bottles, and learning attitudes are needed each day.

Back to School Evening is today and I hope to see you all at this event.

ASA’s – Please ensure your child knows when their chosen ASA is and how they are getting home.

Youth Sports – Please ensure your child knows which code they are doing. It is important that students who have not registered for the code can not just turn up. If your child would like to participate please contact the ES office.

The Week that Was:




Week 3 – 28th August

Welcome 5B Community,

This week has seen 5B students take their classroom and individual photo’s, select instruments for band lessons, work with Ms Beth (our math coach) to talk about mathematical connections to the world and meet our G1 buddies for the year.

Reading, writing, spelling and math testing has begun and will continue over the next few weeks so I can see what your children need to concentrate on as we move through the curriculum.

5B have been focusing on, identity. Focusing on Defining identity, Factors that influence identity, sharing and expressing our identity and how our identity connects us with the global community. This unit is a year long UOI and as of next week will shadow every other UOI we work on. My request to you as parents and or caregivers of 5B students is that you find ways to share why identity is so important and how your family celebrates your identity.

I am looking forward to meeting each of you at the “Back to School” evening next Thursday so we can go over what your child will be doing in Grade 5. Remeber to check your emails for more details.

Grade 5 Trip week is 27th – 29th September.
ASA’s start 5th of September.
No school on the 4th of September due to Vietnam National Day Observance.

Could I also ask that if your child is ill, please let me and the ES secretaries know. If your child is late to school, please have them stop in at the ES office before going to class. Lastly, if you are on the school grounds during school hours, could you also check into the ES office and take a visitors pass. We are trying to ensure we can identify adults at UNIS.

Photo’s of the Week that Was:



Week 2 – 21st – 25th August

Welcome 5B Community,

This week all Grade 5 students took part in activities that were lead by different Grade 5 teachers. They were aimed at uncovering learning styles, who we are as individuals, problem-solving with numbers and significant times that shape who they are.

In 5B homeroom our main aim this week was to uncover our values as a learning community. We were learning to transition from classroom to classroom with purpose and in a calm manner. We were learning to implement strategies to help us focus and relax. We were learning ways to communicate with our peers that have limited English Language. We were learning:

  • to transition from classroom to classroom with purpose and in a calm manner.
  • to implement strategies to help us focus and relax.
  • ways to communicate with our peers that have limited English Language.
  • to organise ourselves so we are ready for lessons.
  • to find out about ourselves and others so we can better support learning.

5B Students have had two sessions with Ms. Michelle (ICT coordinator) to help iron out any Chromebook issues and teach students how to use their accounts, blogs and google calendars for reminders. When individual 5B students are capable of showing they are responsible Chromebook users, they will be able to start bringing their Chromebooks home. I will endeavour to blog a “Helpful Hints” section for parents to ensure students are being safe as they traverse the internet.

As we get underway, the Grade 5 team will construct a “Live Curriculum Update” page for you to view current areas of learning your child will focus on each month. This will be updated on the first of each month starting from September. Keep an eye out for this.

Reminders and Dates to Save:

Grade Level Social Event

What:  A short (1 hour) social event for families, hosted by the SCO, with cold drinks, snacks, and an opportunity for parents and students to mingle.
Purpose:  To bring new and returning families together to connect with one another; to build and reinforce a sense of community within new classes.
When:  Tuesday 29th August (Discovery – Grade 2) and Thursday 31st August (Grades 3-5).
Where:  Inside homerooms (10 minutes) followed by outside eating, drinking and socialising (till 4.30)

Class Parent Needed

Is your forte in building and strengthening a community?
Do you enjoy communicating and bringing people together?
Then you are the parent Grade 5 is looking for!

We need two Class Parent volunteers who will liaise and assist communication between the SCO and Grade 5 parents all through the school year.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Organize a social gathering for parents in the class and grade level to get to know each other.
  •  Create a Class Directory to share with the parents in your class.
  • Encourage/promote participation in school community events.
  • Help to communicate information from the School Community Organisation (SCO) to families
  • Support homeroom teachers with their requests. This may include helping to coordinate parent volunteers for a class project, party or field trip.
  • Welcome New Families to a class (especially when joining mid-year) and help new families with the transition process.
  • Share celebrations, information, issues & initiatives with the SCO Elementary School (ES) Chair and Vice Chair, so that such information can be passed on to the ES Principal.
  • Help organize the UN Day Community Lunch for the Early Childhood Centre and Elementary School.
  • Liaise with the G5 team leader (Tina Carew).

G5 Activities and Physical Education Requirements

Your child is a pre teen and with this comes the responsibility of organising their needs. As the weather continues to be hot and sticky, all G5 students need to think about their hygiene requirements. Some suggestions are as follows:

  • Use an antiperspirant each day
  • Bring a change of clothes for after lunch play
  • Have a change of clothes to change into after PE lessons
  • Air out shoes to avoid foot odour

With 22 students in a class, you can imagine the range of smells each person delivers and receives. Please have a discussion with your child to decide on their needs and how they may implement these.

Reusable Water Bottles

We are an environmentally aware school and want our students to understand the impact they have by simply using a water bottle that is reusable. To ensure your child never loses their reusable bottle, please write their name and class on the bottle to ensure its safe return.

Outside Play

A reminder to send hats with your children for outside play to protect them from the sun.


A reminder that G5 students are working towards developing their independence and growing responsibilities, therefore, they are responsible for looking after their ID cards.


By now your child should have brought home their Chromebooks and associated paperwork to fill out. Please return the paperwork to their homeroom teacher ASAP, to ensure your child has full access to their Chromebooks.

Save the Date:
Grade 5 Excursion 27th -29th October 2017
Back to School Night-  7th September
National Day 4th September – No school

Photo’s of the Week that Was




Week 1 – 16th – 18th August

Dear 5B Community

What a few days it has been. Students have been settling into their new classes, routines, and understandings. They have begun to work together as a Grade through activities and notifications. We are an extremely diverse group in 5B and are currently getting to know each other. We will spend the next two weeks looking at factors such as “Who I Am”, “What do I Value” and “Where in the World”. Each of these focuses is to develop a sense of belonging and allow others to get to know each of us.

Please keep an eye out for our 5B Blog each week as this is where you will be kept up to date with events and homeroom activities.

That’s all for now.