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  1. Write and respond to the main points to the video?

    The main points of the video is how to stop people from bullying you. There are 4 steps in order to stop them from bullying you.

    Step number 1: This isn’t your fault.
    This means that you shouldn’t think that you are a bad person just because they bully you. You should think that they are wrong and you must have high self esteem.

    Step number 2: Build your army!
    This means that you should get help from others like telling the teacher if this happens at school or tell your parents if this happen during school time or even outside of school. You have the right to live a happy life and you have the right to be happy. The bullies shouldn’t stop you from being happy.

    Step number 3: A bully is like a grizzly bear.
    This step means that a bully is a person who just wants attention. So if you ignore the bully, they would get bored and go to someone else or even become a nice person!! So you should ignore the bully and don’t give the bully your attention.

    Step number 4 (the last step): find someone you can talk to.
    This means that you should find an adult you can trust and talk about that. You can talk to a teacher, a counselor, a parent and even a friend because nobody has the right to make you feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or unhappy.

    These were the steps that were in the video and that was the way to solve bullying problems.

  2. Bullying
    Why do bullies bully you? There are a lot of reasons why people bully you. It’s has only a not your fault well it is a bit, but i is mostly because of the bullies personal issues for example: at home something has happened, or other reasons. So don’t think that the person who the bully describes, because if you do you will see yourself wrong and you will think that that is you how the bully described you. So write down or tell someone the Unique things about you and the things that make you stand out. And when you get bullied then just remember to be yourself and remember that you are very unique from everyone else.
    Why should you make good friends? If your friends don’t appreciate who you are you are then those are bad friends, because they don’t like who are. If that happens to you you should just go and find better friends who appreciate you and who like you as you are. If you can’t find any one then just look for people who have the same passion as you, and who similar interests as you do.
    A bully is like a Grizzly Bear. Ignore the bully if the bully is trying to bully you. Sometimes bullies just want attention or an reaction. If the bully does not get any attention or you don’t have an reaction on the things they do to you, they will go away and get bored. Just like you should not go camping by yourself.You should just go with your friends or family. Try not to be all by yourself with the bully, just stick with your friends. So it will be very hard for the bully to get to you and bully you. If you are all by yourself with the bully and you start to feel unsafe, then just run away and get help.
    Find someone you can trust and talk to. First of all no one has the rights to make you or someone else feel uncomfortable, unsafe and not happy. Find someone you can trust. For example your parents, you friends and your teacher. And tell them what happens to you and what someone is doing to you. There is no reason, not one, not two there is no reason to solve your problems all by yourself. There will always be somebody who would always help you if you needed help. If you don’t feel comfortable telling someone phase to phase, there are also some other oppositions phone number which you can call and talk to and tell them your problems to.

  3. The main points of the video was that how to get out from bullying if you’re being bullied. There were 4 steps you can do.
    Bullying is very common. About 13 million people are being bullied each year.
    Step 1 was that this isn’t your fault. There are multitude of reasons why bullied do what they do but these have little to do with you and a lot to do with the bully’s personal issues. Write down all the great qualities that make you stand up from the crowd.
    Step 2 was that build your army. Surround yourself with people who care about you and who appreciate you exactly who you are. If you’re having trouble finding people , try seeing out friends who have similar interests. You can try for clubs at your school or local community center , audition for theater , also a sport.
    Step 3 was that ignore the bullying Sometimes bully wants to get reaction and if it doesn’t receive it , they will get boring and move on. Also try not to get alone with the bully and stick close to your friends. If you feel unsafe or overwhelmed , find the way to extricate yourself from the situation. You can find the way to get help from your friends, parents, or teachers.
    Step 4 was that find someone you can talk to. Nobody has the right to make you feel unsafe , uncomfortable or unhappy. You will find someone you can trust. Your teacher , guidance counselor , parents , or friends to what’s going on. There are people around yourself. They said there is no reasons to tackle this by yourself. If you uncomfortable to talk to someone at your school , you can call 1-800-A-CHILD . It is a tall free number, so It won’t cost any money and there are people available to talk at any time.

  4. Click on the link below and view the youtube video.

    Ways to stop bullying

    Write and respond to the main points of the video.

    When you get bullied, you have to do something about it, don’t just sit there and wait and hope that someday they’ll stop. Here are four different ways to stop being bullied: 1. They make you feel awful, it’s not your fault. 2. Have support around you. 3. Ignore 4. Find someone you can talk to. Also that bullying isn’t right.

    The first step (to know it’s not your fault) can sometimes be difficult, but it’s worth it. When you get bullies, are people that think that they can make you feel awful. You usually feel like junk and your useless or more, but don’t let that get to you.

    Step two (build an army of support around you) is a good way to kick the bully out. If you have people on your side or people that care for you is own of the most important thing to have. They will have your back and be there for you.

    Step three was to ignore. Sometimes all the bully wants is to get some attention so if you ignore them they might get bored and they might go away. But this doesn’t always work, it depends on what the bullie really wants.

    Step four is to tell someone you trust, a parent, teacher, friend, adult. Anyone who will drop anything to help you. This leads me to my last main point is that bullying is not a good thing to do. Bullying can affect others daily lives and also their thoughts.

  5. The main points in the video were how to prevent bullying from happening again. It also talks about how to act while you are being bullied.

    I really liked the beginning were they gave a bunch of celebrity names and asked what was in common with all them and they said that they were all bullied. It shows that if you are being bullied it doesn’t mean that you are not good.

    The ways that the video suggested were:

    #1. It’s not your fault.
    #2. Build yourself an army.
    #3. Ignore the bully.
    #4. Have a buddy system.
    #5. Get out of there.
    #6. Find someone you can talk to.

    Number one talks about how it is not your fault that you are being bullied, and how you should take a piece of paper and write down your good qualities. It might be that you are really good at math, or maybe you can play an instrument very well. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just write it down.

    Number two talks about how you should surround yourself with friends. This might work because if there are many people, the bully might be afraid to bully you.

    Number three says to ignore the bully. This technique usually works because most of the times the bully just wants a reaction. If you show the bully that you are not hurt from what she/he says, the bully might stop.

    Number four is a little like number 2. You should not live this experience without backup. Find friends who like you for who you are and stick close to them.

    Number five is an option if you find yourself alone with the bully. The moment you feel unsafe, you should get out of there and find help.

    And finally, number six is about how you should go find someone you can trust, such as a parent, a teacher, or even a friend. If you are uncomfortable talking to anyone at your school, there are other places you can go to. 1 800 4A CHILD is a number that won’t cost you any money and there is always someone you can talk to, at no matter what time of the day.

    So in conclusion, a bully is someone who thinks can make you feel awful. To try and stop this you should:

    # 1. Remember that it’s not your fault.
    #2. Get yourself lot’s of friends who like you for who you are and stick close to them.
    #3. Try ignoring the bully.
    #4. Find someone to talk to.

  6. To stop bullying there are 4 ways to stop people from bulling you, step one, was it was not your fault and it has some thing to do with the bullies personal issuse and you can write down all the things that you are good at, it could be anying and that is who you are. Step two, is build your own army, you suround yourself with people who care and are really nice to you or where ever you are you can still make friend.

    Step three, a bullies is like a mean bear and when he or she comes to you don’t pay attention to the bullies and you should also don’ look at the bullies. You should stay close to your friends so it is harder for the bullies to get you. If you are alone with the bullies than run out of there get help from people you know or just get some one to help you.

    Step four, find some one to talk to, find some one you can trust like parent, teacher, no one has the right to make you feel unhappy, unsafe, uncomfortable. You can all way turn to any body that can help you or you know.

  7. There are different reasons that people bully. It may be that they have family issues or that they are scared. They might also like you, or want you to notice them. But even if they may just want you to notice them you still should stop them from continuing. Bullying is not how you should make friends. If someone is hurting you in any way, even if they want to be your friend, you should recognize it and let someone know. There are many ways to stop a bully. Here are a couple of steps that may help you if you are being bullied.

    The first is to understand that none of this is your fault, as you know there are many different reasons that people bully. Remember not to blame yourself for what is going on. The next is to surround yourself with people that care about you and that will support you and help you tell the bully to stop. If the bully continues to get to you ignore them, they may just want attention from you and if you ignore them they might stop. If the bullying continues then you should find someone you can talk to about it and have them help you. The best choice would be to talk to an adult that you know very well, like your teacher, guardian/parent, or someone very close to you.

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