5B Literacy Responses – Monday 9th April

This week, as 5B embarks on a collapsed timetable. We are trying something different. Students are required to enter here and respond to a range of elements. These could be picture prompts, quotes, wonderings or questions. I invite you to read and comment on posts that interest you as well. It is a welcomed exercise ensuring student’s work is valued by someone other than myself.

Monday 9th April

April Fools’ Day is observed throughout the Western world. Practices include sending someone on a “fool’s errand,” looking for things that don’t exist; playing pranks; and trying to get people to believe ridiculous things.

What is the most ridiculous thing you have believed in that was an April Fools day prank?

Here is mine, just to get you started, From Ms Tina

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23 thoughts on “5B Literacy Responses – Monday 9th April

  1. My best April Fool’s prank is from one of my friends. He sent me a link to a website saying that there is a sale of 90% off brand new Wilson Prostaff ’97’ tennis racket, that is autographed by Roger Federer.

    I thought this was real because it had a big discount price. I was so excited to buy the racket at this cheap price I began to cry.
    When I called my friend to find out where to buy the racket, he said he would show me and we agreed to meet at the park.

    I ran to the park and when I saw him he said: “It’s just an April Fool’s prank”. He laugh so loud. I couldn’t believe it, because the website looked so real. I was really disappointed and upset.

    About 10 minutes later I asked my friend how to make a website. He showed me how which was very cool. I had a go at making one so I could prank my cousin.

    My cousin’s favourite thing is lipstick.I pranked her with a sale of 99% off lipsticks. She went crazy when I told her about the website. When she just on the website click, the link did not work. I thought it was funny to watch her. The next day I told her it was just an April Fool’s day prank.

  2. My friends have pulled many pranks on me, they still do. This is just one of them.
    When I was in 2nd grade one of my friends named Tiecoura told me that if you went into the bathroom and starred in the mirror while saying “Bloody Mary” a half ghost-like creature would grab you and pull you into the mirror. I said that what he was saying was completely untrue but he insisted that one of his relatives did it and was never found. I said I didn’t believe it but when I got home I immediately asked my sister if it was true.

    That was probably the worst idea because she ended up just telling me another version of “Bloody Mary” where she cuts your head off. I was petrified.

    My sister kept droning on and on and eventually ended up telling me a story where if you put a candle on your dining room table and turn all the lights off and then cut yourself until you bleed and say a demon’s name a bunch of times it will come to your house and bad things will happen to you. Tiecoura and I ended up having a huge argument about what version was true and we dared each other to go into the bathroom and summon “Bloody Mary”.

    I couldn’t sleep alone for months. The argument ended after 2 or 3 days but my friend Thelma and I were still scared. Even if we had to go to the bathroom we wouldn’t and if we did one person would stand right outside the stall while the other went, and then we would switch. We would never look in mirrors. My fear of mirrors lasted until just a couple months ago. When in the bathroom I would keep my head down so that I would not even glance in the mirror. This was probably the longest time I have kept a fear, and I’m glad it’s over.

    • So glad you are no longer afraid of mirrors Lily. Do you think there is a medical word used to describe being afraid of mirrors or reflections? So now that you understand how these things affect people, would you pull a scary prank on someone?

  3. I don’t think I have ever believed in something ridiculous that I can remember of for April Fools. I think the reason is that April Fools is usually during holidays, and in my family, we don’t celebrate it so much, as we are not that creative with pranks, most of the time we don’t believe in each other’s pranks and we know that exaggerating with pranks is not good.

    I am pretty sure that when I was little my sister told me something ridiculous that I believed in, and I was really disappointed when I discovered it wasn’t true. But I don’t remember what the prank was.

    The April fool that I pulled on someone, tough, was that I wanted my sister to read a book called Freak the Mighty, but she didn’t want to. I knew that my sister was a great fan of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, so I told her that in Freak the mighty the were references to those books. She asked me what and I invented something on the spot. What I told her was the there was a scene in which the protagonist told another character,
    “Even Draco Malfoy could do it!”
    I also told her that in another scene there were two people talking and at one point, one of them said: “You cause more disasters than Percy Jackson!” She believed both of them.

    • From the last comment you made Eulalia, I think you may be quiet good at fooling people on April fool’s day. That was a clever, yet harmless prank to pull on your sister.

  4. What is the most ridiculous thing you have believed in that was an April Fools day prank?

    The most ridiculous thing that I have believed on April fools day is was having slime all over my face. I was pranked by my dad, he is a good prankster.
    He put some of my own toothpaste all over my forehead when I was asleep so that when I rolled over, which I did, the toothpaste got all over my pillow. After I woke up (which was pretty early), I had figured out what my father did so I did the same to my mom. Mom noticed about 5 minutes later.
    I really enjoyed this prank because it was the first prank my dad ever did on me. The toothpaste prank was in the morning, during spring break, in a hotel. Dad pranked me really well this April fool’s day so I got my revenge by lifting up the toilet seat and put a plastic over the toilet bowl and then closed the seat and the lid so that when my father sat down nothing would happen.

    I really liked pranking and of course, being pranked! I love April fools!

    • Sonya, April fool’s pranks can be a lot of fun if they are done so no one gets hurt. I bet your Dad was surprised with the prank you pulled on him.

  5. My most annoying and ridiculous prank that I ever believed in was when I was in my old school.

    Grade 1 through 5 was practicing for a concert for the whole year and one day, the principle called all of the grades that were practicing for the concert to come to the assembly room. He told us all that the concert was canceled. Everyone was complaining and whining and was very angry because they thought that they had worked hard for a whole year for nothing.

    After he knew that everybody was unhappy, he said, “APRIL FOOLS DAY!” Everyone was totally relieved and everyone was cheering. The principle started laughing told everyone to go back to class.

    At the end of all of this silliness, I told myself, how could we possibly have believed what he said? We worked so hard because he was the one who told us to prepare for this concert and now he is the one to cancel it? We should have been smart enough to know that he was joking. It was April fools day after all. Then everyone walked back to class annoyed, angry and happy all at the same time.

  6. No one tries to play pranks on me, I think it is because my family doesn’t celebrate april fools day so no one tries to prank me. No one thinks about pulling pranks on each other because we are all busy doing our own things. My brothers might try to pull a small prank on me but nothing big. Usually we just have a normal day. Another reason I think I don’t get pranked because my brothers can’t think of pranks or don’t have the materials to make the prank maybe even just don’t feel like setting up the prank. I think my friends don’t pull pranks on me because they live a little far from me and can’t set up a prank in my house because I am there and they might not be aloud to, it will also be hard because they don’t know what they can and can’t use or where they can build there prank.
    There was one small prank one m friends pulled on me, he gathered a bunch of people made some water balloons, afterwards they rang my doorbell came into my yard and then they all started throwing water balloons on me, it was hilarious.

  7. I am rarely pranked on April fools day. So, the few times I am pranked, I do not fall for it. I think one of the reasons I do not usually get pranked on April fools day is because most times I am away on spring break and a therefore away from a lot of likely pranksters. Also, there is the fact that most of the time I can tell when someone is trying to fool me. On April fools day, people (like me) rarely believe the crazy things they are told and today, people rarely prank me.
    I have tried to prank other people before, but as I said it is quite difficult to make anybody believe anything crazy on April fools day. April fools day has never been a holiday I look forward to all year, but it is still good to have a small break off of my normal routine. If I was ever made to believe anything crazy on April fools day, I was much too young to remember. April fools day has never been my favorite holiday, and probably never will be, but like I said above it is a nice break from my normal routine.

  8. What is the most ridiculous thing you have believed in that was an April Fools day prank?

    The best prank that was pulled on me, was when my parents woke me up and said we had brownies for breakfast. I was super excited, considering I was only eight when this happened.

    I quickly woke up my brother so we could go downstairs. My parents said they were in the fridge in a container. I sprinted to the fridge, found the container on the third shelf. I quickly opened it and looked inside. Inside there was a brown piece of paper cut into the shape of an E. My parents screamed, “April fool’s day”.

    I didn’t realize it was April fool’s day, but I still didn’t understand the prank. “It was brown E” they said. I thought it was super funny but I was disappointed we weren’t having brownies for breakfast. But I still liked the prank.

    I brought the container to school and pulled the prank on all my friends. They all thought it was funny. One of them thought it was so funny the dared me to do it on my teacher. My teacher thought it was funny at first but when she realised she wasn’t getting brownies, she was disappointed.

  9. What is the most ridiculous thing you have believed in that was an April Fools day prank?

    When I was grade 2 , my friend said that he gonna leave here and gonna go to other country . I couldn’t believe because she was my friend and he isn’t told my class’s people who is very good friends. I said “ Are you really going to go to other country? “ and he said “ Yup “ I said “ When are you going to go to other country ? “ he said “ This weekend.”
    Also he said he gonna go to airport by himself . This is mean he don’t have family to go with . I said “ Are you OK for that ? I can’t go to airport alone .”

    Next day , I went to school and he was still there and I said “ I am feeling sad when you said you leave here. “ and he said “ Oh! You still remember that! That story was a lie.You know, yesterday was April fools day. “ I felt angry because he deceive me . I was so stupid that time . From that day , I don’t like prank because It is not funny for me , but sometimes that is funny when somebody really believe me .

  10. What is the most ridiculous thing you have believed in that was an April Fools day prank?

    My Mum likes to play April Fool’s day pranks on me. She has been playing pranks for about three years. This year on April fools day, my mum said there was a bat in the toilet. I believed her because in our home in Ciputra, we always have bats come into our house. Mum said the bat was drinking water from the toilet and had fallen in.
    It took me and Dad about 2 seconds to run to the toilet and have a look. I was happy that we just saw water and not a bat or something else.

    I like April fools day because you can prank whoever you want and not get into trouble. But my Dad was even happier than me because he doesn’t want a bat on the toilet.

  11. What is the most ridiculous thing you have believed in that was an April Fools day prank?

    I have not been April Fool’s Day pranked over the last few years that I remember.

    One reason for this is that my family does not celebrate April Fools Day and does not like that day. A second reason is that my older sister always forgets to prank me on that day itself. And for myself, I do not like to prank my friends or anyone else.

    At school, I have not been pranked because April Fools day was on spring break this year and I am usually off to another place and not with my friends.

    I may have been pranked when I was young but I can’t remember. I don’t think I will ever get pranked on an April Fool’s Day. April Fools Day is not my favourite day and never will be because I think pranking is disrespectful.

  12. What is the most ridiculous thing you have believed in that was an April Fools day prank?

    One day in April I asked which week day it was and someone told me that it was another week day then it actually was. And then I believed it was that week day and went somewhere where I was not supposed to go.

    I don’t remember any other pranks that someone did to me. I think it is because my Family and I don’t really celebrate April Fools day. April fool day is also mostly in holidays so I don’t go to my friends to do an April Fools day prank.

    I am sure that when I was very young someone told me something that I believed was true, and that I was not that happy when I found out that it was just a ridiculous prank from someone.

    As I already said My family and Me don’t really celebrate April fools day, so I also don’t do pranks to others. At least I don’t remember that I did an April fools day pranks. But I think I would like to do April fools day if I had the chance to try it out.

  13. April Fool’s day is an amazing day of the year because if you pull a prank on someone you have an excuse for why they can’t punish you for it.
    I have done a few April fools pranks, but my favourite might have been when I put plastic wrap on an open door frame. I wrapped the plastic around the door frame at my sister’s forehead height, so when she woke up in the morning she would walk to the bathroom and not notice it and walk right into it.

    Once she was finished in the bathroom she had to walk through her bedroom door, which I had also wrapped plastic around. Also, I put a lot of plastic wrap on the stairs at her rib height and that really annoyed her. I thought it was funny.

    This April fool’ day, Me and three other kids from UNIS threw eggs over the wall separating the street and my house. Luckily and also a little bit sadly it didn’t hit anyone. Also weirdly enough, I have never been pranked for April fools, Some people have tried and I seem to know everything on that day is something to be avoided. Here is a list of some of the pranks I have done.
    1. Plastic wrap everywhere
    2. Scary legends of crazy clowns
    3. Egging the people on the streets
    4. Jump scaring around the doors.
    5. Anonymous love letters
    6. ”it says gullible on the ceiling”

  14. What is the most ridiculous thing you have believed in that was an April Fools day prank?
    I have never done something so ridiculous to anybody, but I did plan to. One day, a few days away from April fools, I was watching some prank ideas on YouTube and I found some pretty good pranks that I thought I might like to do to my friends and my sister.
    I chose a few pranks that I would do. One of them was replacing the cream in the Oreos with white toothpaste. I waited until April fool’s day but on that day I forgot it was April fools day… 🙁 Two days later I went to see what day it was so I could pull a prank on my sister and I realized I was too late.

    Last year, I did prank my Dad though. I made fake poop out of the cardboard thing from the toilet paper. Basically, I just wet the cardboard and tore off some different sized pieces of it. Then I squeeze some of the big pieces together of cover the rest of the cardboard on the masterpiece. I placed the fake poop on the toilet seat and went downstairs and waited. A few minutes later, my dad called me upstairs and told me that the cat might have pooped on the toilet seat. He asked me to clean it up, I just pick it up with my hands. Dad was shocked that I would touch cat poop. In the end, I told him it was just cardboard.

  15. I think April fool’s day pranks are just lies.
    I don’t know why people tell lies to other people. I don’t think it’s funny, because whoever believes the lie will be angry, embarrassed or surprised and this can hurt.

    What is the most ridiculous thing you have believed in that was an April Fools day prank?

    The most ridiculous thing I have believed in was an April Fools’ Day prank was from someone at school. He said “I like Sieun”. I was surprised, but I said to my friend “I think it is a lie”. He said “No, it is real” and I believed what my friend said.

    I believed what my friend told me because my friend had never told me a lie before. The next day, I kept believing what my friend told.
    I believed the lie for a long time. It was a Saturday at weekend school that my friend and the boy said we are in the same class. I asked my friend “It is real that he said I like Sieun?” He said “Did you still believe that? It was a lie”. After he said that to me that I knew that day was an April Fool’s day prank. I was very embarrassed, surprised and angry.

  16. For example, put a thumbtack on the stool of the teacher, squeeze the glue on the student’s stool, draw a treasure map and ask people to find the results. It is stool, etc. It’s exciting to think about these pranks, hahaha.

  17. What is the most ridiculous thing you have believed in that was an April Fools day prank?
    My family doesn’t celebrate April Fools day, and did not do that much pranks on anyone, so I did not have much ridiculous pranks. Also most of the pranks that I believed in, I can’t remember them any more.

    The most ridiculous pranks that I believed in was the self driving bicycle thing. Ms.Tina showed us a video about a self driving bicycle. In the video they have talked about a new invention in the Netherlands, a self driving bicycle. It talks about all the things a self driving bicycle can do and also shows videos of the self driving bicycle.

    When I saw the video I was really excited that there is a self driving bicycle, and also want to tell my friends about the self driving bicycle. I thought the self driving bicycle was real because it shows the self driving bicycle in the video, and also talked about a lot of information, but when I found out it was actually fake I was really shocked. I hope that in the future humans can actually make a self driving bicycle.

  18. What is the most ridiculous thing you have believed in that was an April Fools day prank?

    Well, I don’t remember the things that I got pranked because I have a lot of times and all of them are things that are so obvious that it is a lie. Example my friend said that she will go to America and never come back but people told me so much things that is like this and my friend said she will be leaving which I thought was a lie but the next day, when I contacted her, she said she is in another country. So I decided to do the most ridiculous thing that I saw at April fools day.

    The most ridiculous thing that I saw at April fools day was when I was at a park and there was this boy and he pranked a girl and put glue on a place at a bench and a girl didn’t sit on it but saw the boy do it. So she told her parents and the boy’s parents made the boy sit on the chair that has the glue on it and when he stood up, he was wearing a jean so it looked like he wet his pants and it was really sticky and the white glue turned into a blue. So it was a similar color to his jean. That is why it looked really weird and it was really funny and his face was really red and it was 3 years ago so I don’t remember what happened next.

    This was ridiculous because everyone at the park was looking at him and his face was really red like a apple. He also started to tear up and everyone at the park was looking at him which probably embarrassed him and some people started to look away. He was drawing with the red face and when he stood up, most of the people at the park started to laugh and his face was so red that I thought it might get on fire. Like I said, I don’t know what happened next. There are things that I did to my brother like drop him off the bed and he wakes up under the bed and he has no clue how he got in there.

    I REALLY like April fools day!!

  19. When it was april fools day, my sister and I pranked each other a lot. One of the pranks she did on me was make me believe that we were playing a game, but what she did not tell me was that she made a lot of little paper fishies with a pieces of tape on it. She hid them on a table with a table mat on top of them. The game was that I had to go on my knees and she put her hands on my back and jump over the top of me. We played the game for a long time. After a while I felt something on my back and I realised that she had pulled the same prank on me over and over again.

    That same day I decided to prank my sister. I put tape on the light switch and butter on the door handle. She was not that angry but her reaction was funny to watch.

    After a while we decided to prank my dad. We put all the plastic cups we had on to the floor and filed them up with water. When my dad walked in the room, he stepped on the cups and he got his feet all wet.

    My sister and I decided to prank my mom too. The prank was simple. We put a lot of tape on the bottom of the fridge so that she couldn’t open the fridge. She was confused when she wanted to open the fridge because it didn’t open. But then she realised that we had pranked her. We knew that our mom does not like mashed potatoes at all so my sister and I put a big spoon of mashed potatoes in to a bowl, put sprinkles on it and froze it. When she tasted it her face was disgusted, and it was funny. We pulled a couple of other pranks on my mom for example, froze a dead bug in an ice cube and put it in her drink when she was not looking.

  20. I haven’t been prank yet because most of the time every body did not remember about the prank or they are busy so no bady has time or forget about the prank. I have never been prank also cause nobody really like to prank in my family so no body did any prank. In my house people don’t really know when is the prank day was so they just did’t do it. In my family we don’y really like to pramk so we just never prank each other and no one have any ways to prank.

    In my house there is no thing to prank with so we just never prank people and i also never prank because i also forget to prank people on the prank day so i don’t been prank or prank some one befor. Some prank for not that fun and we don’t really know how to prank so that’s why i never gets prank. I have never prank other people befor because i don’t know how to set a prank and i never prank so i don’y know how to. No one in my family have prank befor and me too i have seen other people prank but i never did one.

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