Week 29 – 26th to 30th March

Exhibition Continues

Can we ever really be done Finding Out? This year through our Units of Inquiry and in this PYPX process we have continually answered that question with the answer no. With the students so engaged in the research process and meeting with primary sources, they are struggling to complete an information report.  This struggle is very real as they know there will be more they want to share out. As teachers, we feel so proud that they notice that their learning may never be done and have reminded them that this information report is a baseline from which their action will spring. We are never done learning and growing.

This week the students also thought more deeply about their action. How could this help our community? How could the action be sustained after the exhibition? What resources do we need to take action? and of course, How is our action linked to our SDG?

When we return after spring break we will look more closely at taking action and making our plans a reality.

Table Talk

What field trips have been happening this week?
Who had their birthday in 5B on Thursday?
What is happening on Friday?
What is the most challenging thing about PYPX?
What is the most rewarding element about PYPX?
Which T-Shirt design did you vote for?

Have a safe and happy break.

Photo’s of Ms Tina Cluster of PYPX students and Today’s Field Trip with the “Freshwater is vital to sustain life” group.


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