Week 29 – 26th to 30th March

Exhibition Continues

Can we ever really be done Finding Out? This year through our Units of Inquiry and in this PYPX process we have continually answered that question with the answer no. With the students so engaged in the research process and meeting with primary sources, they are struggling to complete an information report.  This struggle is very real as they know there will be more they want to share out. As teachers, we feel so proud that they notice that their learning may never be done and have reminded them that this information report is a baseline from which their action will spring. We are never done learning and growing.

This week the students also thought more deeply about their action. How could this help our community? How could the action be sustained after the exhibition? What resources do we need to take action? and of course, How is our action linked to our SDG?

When we return after spring break we will look more closely at taking action and making our plans a reality.

Table Talk

What field trips have been happening this week?
Who had their birthday in 5B on Thursday?
What is happening on Friday?
What is the most challenging thing about PYPX?
What is the most rewarding element about PYPX?
Which T-Shirt design did you vote for?

Have a safe and happy break.

Photo’s of Ms Tina Cluster of PYPX students and Today’s Field Trip with the “Freshwater is vital to sustain life” group.


Week 28 – March 19th to 23rd

PYPX Overview

Finding Out is an important aspect of PYPX. Unlike other research that may have taken place throughout the year, the students are self-directed. They have selected the topics and have formulated their own questions to guide their research. The students are able to follow the research where they see fit. Unlike other units, any primary sources have been sourced and contacted by the students. They are formulating their questions and ensuring they gather all that they need in interview scenarios, both inside and outside the UNIS community.

It is through this research that ideas for action are being formulated. In order to truly take an impactful action, students must first thoroughly understand their topic or issue. Help your child by having conversations about what they have learnt and how they feel this is informing their action. How has their thinking been changed? What needs do they see in their immediate community? What needs exist in their larger community? If they could do anything to make an impact on their issue what would they do?

Students will transfer their knowledge into a written informative piece to share in PYPX and with stakeholders as they initiate action.

Keep an eye out for the informative piece of writing during the Exhibition


Week 27 – March 12th to 16th

PYPX Overview

This week was the beginning of what will be three weeks of finding out. The PYPX is all about coming from a position of knowledge. In order to gain knowledge, we ask our students to have a strong understanding of their issue and the lines of inquiry they intend to uncover. With this knowledge, they will be able to come from a position of credibility as they gain support in undertaking their action.

Grade 5 students will research in two parts.  They will consult secondary sources to gain an understanding of their issue on a global basis. Groups will also use part of this week to begin thinking about primary sources. They will work with their coordinating teacher and mentor to reach out to the community and organise interviews. You can help by providing recommendations for local groups or people your child could contact.

Researching or “finding out” very much asks our students to use their literacy skills. When looking for secondary sources, students will read, summarise and write. For primary sources, students are asked to form questions and communicate with others. We look forward to seeing how this research forms student action.

Here is a link to the first draft of our “process video” for the PYPX that will be updated throughout the weeks. It will provide a pictorial account of our work. You will find at least one picture of every G5 student.




Week 26 – March 5th – 9th

Happy International Women’s Day and Welcome 5B Community,

Last week students reflected and spent time working on their own equation. Passion + Issue = Action. From there they connected their issue with an SDG.

A parent coffee morning was organised to arm parents with information. If you missed it, here is a link to the slides used as talking points.

This week, as part of the tuning-in process, students were organized into working groups for the PYP Exhibition (PYPX) based on their passions and interest in a particular Sustainable Development Goal.

More Photo’s of groups to come

Groups were assigned to their coordinating teachers and mentors. All groups should have made contact with their mentors and have begun the process of organising times to meet.

Part of working together was to get to know each other through team building exercises.

Another aspect of working together is to develop essential agreements for each team member to work by. These might include the following: make sure everyone agrees on something before doing it; show respect to everyone; stay on task and focused; speak out if you disagree about something; everyone must share their ideas and opinions; everyone has a role\job.

G5 students also had the opportunity to visit the G10 Personal Projects Presentations this week. They spoke with G10 students to gather information on elements such as presentation ideas, research strategies and questioning techniques. This type of interaction proves very valuable for students who, at this stage in their PYPX process are still searching for a hook or idea for an action. Many thanks for the invite G10.

Next week, students will begin the finding-out process. They will look for resources to gain a better understanding of their topics. Parents can help students by identifying appropriate articles and having ongoing discussions with their child about their topic.

Check out the PYP X 2017/2018 Weebly to watch it unfold!

In addition to the PYPX, students continue to do literacy and math.

James Tanton

5B had the pleasure of having James Tanton (A math education expert) visit and model a math lesson on number sense. Students used a simple strategy to uncover reasons why numbers are flexible and worded they way they are.  Ask your child to explain how to add, or subtract using exploding dots. You can check out his website by visiting http://www.jamestanton.com/

5B’s reading program is called AVAILLL. Ask your child what they do and what the purpose of the lessons are.

Open Classrooms is here again

  • 5B have two “open classroom” times next week:
    • Thursday, 14 March  @ 1:15 pm (Literacy)
    • Friday, 15 March @ 9:15 am (PYPX clusters) if you intend to pop in during this time, ask your child who their coordinating teacher is so you end up at the correct classroom.
  • The grade 4 and 5 Music Concert is also on the during open classroom dates, March 15th. For this reason, there will not be any open classrooms for music as 5B students work in music, will be showcased through the concert.
  • Other specialist classes available to see on these days are
    • World languages on Thursday 12:30 – 1:10 pm
  • Open classroom finish at 11:30 am on Friday 15th of March


PYP Exhibition on April 24 & 26. If your child is not going to be able to attend one or either of these dates, please contact me ASAP, as this affects others in your child’s group.

Table Talk Questions

Who had their birthday in 5B this week?
What PYP attitudes have you been talking about in class this week?
How do I add using exploding dots?
What is the opposite to exploding dots? (tods)
How do tods work?

That is all from 5B this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Week 25 – 26th February – 2nd March

Welcome, 5B Community,

Welcome back! 

And so it has begun! We are right back into it as we began PYP Exhibition or PYPX this week. Grade 5 students were introduced to the equation that will drive their PYPXThey were then able to connect this back to the various passions speakers we have had in the previous weeks and see how their passion is linked to an issue and has led to action. This weeks speaker was Kelly who listens to and shares the stories of children who have experienced war. 

From here we stimulated student’s thinking about action through mystery trips within our local community to museums, hospitals and developmental homes for those with mental disabilities. Students were in mixed groups and returned to school to share where they had been and what they had been inspired by. 

We look forward to sharing more about this process with you at our PYPX Parent Coffee Morning Friday 2nd March at 8:15 in the ECC Gym.

This week has also seen students complete the ISA testing across Mathematics, Literacy, Writing and Reading. These tests will be sent off for external moderation and the results will be shared with you once they are received.

5B spent time teaching their G1 Buddies how to make ‘mandalas’. This was a great lesson in PYP Attitudes and Learner Profiles as 5B students had to be reflective, caring, competent communicators, tolerant and respectful.  A lot to learn as a teacher of persons younger than yourself.


Thursday, March 15th & Friday 16th:  Open Classrooms
Friday, March 30th: ES Fun Sports Afternoon
Monday, March 5th: 7:00-8:00pm  Community Presentation on the Joy of Math

Dinner Table Talk

  • Where did your mystery field trip take you?
  • Who got stung by a blue bottle jellyfish while swimming in Phu Quoc?
  • What was the ‘next word hunt’ word you had to find during AVAILLL on Thursday?
  • Can you show me how to calculate the 6, 7,8, 9 and 10 times tables using your hands?

The Week that Was