Week 15 – November 20th – 24th

Welcome 5B

Check your email for ‘OPEN DOORS’ invite.

Next Thursday and Friday, you are invited into the 5B classroom as part of the UNISOpen Doors.” Below is the list of times and classroom activities you can observe and/or participate in during the school day:

10:55 am    UOI  (G5 students will explore the “best” energy option for their continent).

10:10 am      3 Act Math  (students will use math to solve a “real-world” problem)

Literacy this week was focused on the grammar of the modal language. What is a strong verb? How do adverbs add meaning or depth to understanding? What is tense and how do we recognize it when we read?

Our reading genre is nonfiction. Students have selected, and are reading books about energy. We have discovered that all energy has two main forms – Kinetic and Potential. From there we have identified nine energy sources, some of which are renewable and some which are not. Ask your child if they can identify some of the sources that Vietnam uses and if they are renewable or not.

We have delved into our new unit of inquiry focused on the consumption of electricity. This exploration was done two-fold, by beginning a design challenge to make something using electricity and finding information to complete a class generated ABCs of Electricity. We are now ready to look more closely at the sources of electricity.

Next week we will begin our summative assessment which will combine research and design related to electricity. This will culminate in a small group presentation. Please advise if your son or daughter will be absent on the last Friday before Winter Break so they too can be assessed with their peers.

We have deepened our problem-solving strategies by looking at multiple ways to solve problems and how to model problems in new ways. We now are exploring fractions and what they represent in different situations and how to represent them.

Dinner time conversations

This is a new idea I heard about. Let’s see how it affects your dinnertime conversations!

Ask your child

  • What song did we change the words to?
  • Who’s birthday was it in 5B this week?
  • What was the new game Ms Tina showed you this week?

Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you at our open day.


Please let me know if your child is going to be away on the 15th of December
Each student needs a personal set of headphones


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