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Choir: Musical Videos
On September 9th of the year 2012, Mr. McGibbon gave us the task of creating a music movie. The product we have created is named The Problem, a short +30 min comedy movie. We first started by sitting around the table and discussed our ideas. The fi (More)
Science and Humanity
Throughout our world, we can see many advancements in the scientific world. Our world today is based around science for science has helped our world to advance to the level of intelligence we are at today. We are able to find new life with the help o (More)
Daughter From Danang Paragraph
Hum08 - Vietnam - Daughter from Danang Paragraph Questions - Duc Do.htm This was the pi (More)
The Periodic Table of Elements?
When I first entered the Science Lab and Mr. Haug told us we were starting on the Particles unit. I thought it was like the little science unit we h (More)
Kreativity Kindergarden
In the school year of 2012-13, UNIS students of the Service Learning group Kreativity for Kindergarden went on their annual visit to the local Vietnamese Kindergarden in suburban Hanoi. And as always, the kinder-gardeners were happy to see the UNIS (More)
Citizenship in Utopia
Vietnamese Citizen   More)
Citizenship in Utopia 2
MILITARY SERVICE I think in a perfect Utopia, citizens should do military or community service for it is not only helping the n (More)
Africa Unit Reflection
What was your favorite part of the unit? My favorite part of the unit was probably having to research and choosing what we wanted to present our project. What was your least favorite? I think the least favorite was when we had a lot of homew (More)
Poverty Presentation
  Please answer these questions if possibly, Thank You!! 1. What did you like about the product they created? 2. What did you learnt that you p (More)
Daughter to Danang Questions
1. What is the most surprising thing about the movie so far... I think the most surprising thing about the movie is that how the movie looks like it's been rehearsed before and that it was created as a promotional movie. 2. What do you think is (More)
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