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Graduation Reflection
Before Graduation we did a lot of thing. We chose who will be the poem reader, and the best speech. We also practice a lot the song unwritten.   I was excited that we are moving to middle school but a little nervous because it will be my (More)
Movie Response
The movie that i have seen and really enjoy it, is called \"It Takes Two\". It is a really interesting movie. There was This girl called Amanda she was not a royal girl. One day she and her classmate are going on a camp! There is another girl n (More)
Junk Food
Hi, my name is Lana, and today I want to tell you that Junk food is really bad for you. According to the British government, 40,000  people a year die because from eating too much junk food and these deaths can be avoided!   Do you know how eat (More)
Your Retold Fairy tale Reflection
http://youtu.be/raIL3gynZH8 This video my group decided to do a fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood.  We changed the part where Red Riding hood can save her self by tricking the wolf. And she don\'t need help from the Wood Man. In the original (More)
Slice of ICE Reflection
We just finished our On The Move Unit of Inquiry. This unit is about how people move to another country and why they move.We learned that people move because of their job, war, or the people send them to another country. My favorite activity was when (More)
Learning Journey Reflection
Before sharing my dad and my cousin all of my work I was scared and excited. I was scared because I might think I don\'t have any good example to tell them and I was excited because It Is fun to share to my parents what I did. I was proud of that my (More)
Africa Unit Reflection
What was your favorite part of the unit? My favorite part of the unit was probably having to research and choosing what we wanted to present our project. What was your least favorite? I think the least favorite was when we had a lot of homew (More)
Post #3 - July Reflection
I am completing this month’s reflection earlier than I expected because I won’t have any access towards a computer when traveling to the US.   It’s already the second month since I started the personal project, I still have mixed feelings (More)
Post #2 - June Reflection
First of all, I would like to heavily apologize that I have posted my reflection very late. I will make sure that this won’t happen again. A month has already passed by very quickly, I think that my project is on track and has progressed well. Thi (More)
Casino Night Reflection
To be able to make our game successful during the Casino Night, all the members in my group worked really hard to make it happen. Although we weren’t the group that gained the most profit, we were on top in our class as out profit was $943. Of course (More)
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