September 9-15

We are teaching students how to choose appropriate leveled and interesting books but you might also want some ideas on books that might interest your child. Here is a list of books that last year’s Grade 4 students recommended at the end of the year. Here are the books that last year’s students voted as top ten best books they read that year.

Last week at Back to School night we discussed with you all the different avenues for communication I will be using during the year. Aside from email  I shared the class blog, twitter and also the Grade 4 Learning Space. Each of these are linked below.

  • Class Blog
  • Class twitter @mjslaughter
  • Grade 4 Learning Space – here is where we have full details and specifics regarding the curriculum that we are teaching in the classroom, including web resources and ideas for games to play at home. At the bottom of this page you are also able to access your child’s individual blog / portfolio.”

We also discussed the Home Learning Grid – which should go home with the students next week. The grid focuses on Reading, Physical Activity and Housework as being important things that students should be doing daily. You can sign, stamp or date the grid, which should come back to the school every two weeks, so that teachers can check to see that students are being active readers, active individuals, and active helpers in the household.

Week in Review:

  • Math:  We have been focusing on place value and rounding.  We have been using 1,000 books to help model place value.  We have also been practicing solving problems using the strategy of rounding.  
      • For example students mentally added 533 + 469 by rounding 533 to 530 and 469 to 470.  Adding those together to make 1000 and then figuring out that they needed to add 2 from before they rounded to make 1002. They then applied this strategy to other problems. 

    • The students have been introduced to Khan Academy as a means to practice place value and rounding.  To practice at home just go to this link and the students can login and get started.  I will be able to see their progress and can help them with difficult concepts in school.
  • English:
    • In reading the students were using the 6 thinking hats to take notes and reflect on what they were reading.   They used articles from Newsela for this.  
    • In writing the students were learning to write response texts. They did this by writing a response to the field trip we had last Friday.
    • Grammar Focus: Judgment words (positive and negative), past tense verbs

UOI:  We investigated the soil samples that we collected from our field trip. Making careful observations in order to answer what is soil made of?

    • Video made by Jae Yeon and Emily
    • I-Time:  Students designed and carried out their own experiments by creating models related to the earths surface.
  • Other:  Former SpaceX engineer Philip Kassouf visited and spoke with the Grade 4 students this week. He spoke about overcoming challenges and taking advantage of the opportunity they have to study at UNIS  

Helpful websites:

Khan Academy: Students get assignments that are catered to their individual level. There are videos that help when students get stuck or when they want to push themselves to learn something new. I can see their progress and then help them in school.

Newsela: Class Code-WHTGKZ  A great website full of news articles that are written in kid friendly language. Students can adjust the difficulty level of the text to fit for them.  I can assign specific articles for them to read. This week I have made a set of articles related to our unit. They can also choose articles that interest them.

Upcoming Dates:

  • September 19 – 21    MAP testing
  • September 19           UNIS Hanoi 30th Birthday Celebration Afternoon (children should wear blue)
  • September 20-Snack Sale
  • September 28th- Moon Festival (children should wear and Ao Dai)
  • October 3                  Parent teacher conferences – Student Free Day
  • October 9 – 13           Autumn Break – No school
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