Farewell 4C

It has been a fantastic and memorable year in 4C.  Parents, thank you for all of your support. Students, you have come so far this year. I am proud of each of you.  You will be missed.  Keep up the good work in Grade 5 and come back to visit anytime.  Have a wonderful summer.  Here is the poem we created together about our year.

We are From 4C

We are from the swish of the flag marching towards the food

From sweating and hot humid air

From the drops of silence when the corn lands

From Ms. Thao’s art gallery to the treks of geologist

We are from the stinky smell of the lunch box to our stinky feet after PE

From rainbow lemonade to a robot maze

from SDG’s to little alchemy

We are from hugging legs to fidget spinner mania

From “Don’t give up” to “Music is fractions deal with it”

We are from shots of paper in the bin to the scraps of paper on the floor

But we celebrate anyways

We are from 4C

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