Learning about Fractions through Music

“In Math we learned that music notes are the same thing as fractions. So we learned how to add  music fractions up to make a whole.

Then we could make our own song, get one from the internet or use one Ms. Mindy had for us and we had to write the fractions for the song.  Then we changed the fractions into decimals and put it into scratch to hear our song.” – Felix

“Our class made a video  to show how sounds add up to a whole.  In our video Eulalia and Hai Nam were making a whole note. Ha Chi and Hedvig’s table were making a half note. My table was making fourth notes, another table made eighth notes  and another made sixteenth notes. We were learning math through music because everything that you see is almost Math, like when you read a clock or when you cook. So technically we were making fractions from music.”  – Talya

Visit the students blogs next week to see the music that we coded into Scratch.

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