Preparing for Market Day


“In 4C we have been preparing for Market Day, an event for 4th grade in their marketing unit.  Where we learn to be entrepreneurs.  We choose a business or service to sell to the other grades.  We have to think about what forces will affect our business such as supply and demand, location and weather. We use a loan from our teachers that we use to pay for everything in our business and we have to pay it back at the end.  We have to try our best to make a profit.” -Lucas

Market Day will be on June 6th.  Here is a video that Eulalia and U Jeong made that explains what we have been doing.


“In writing time we have been writing information reports.  After we learned how to write an information report we got to choose what we wanted to write our own report on.   First I took a bunch of notes, then I learned how to organize my notes into a macro group and micro groups.  I chose to research wolves.  So my macro group was ‘Wolves are a type of animal that are similar to dogs.’  My micro groups were ‘Where do wolves live? What do wolves eat? Why do wolves howl and why are wolves endangered?’  I liked doing this because I liked choosing what I wanted to learn about and I liked looking up all that information.” -Hedvig

To see more students information reports please take a look at their blogs.  They are in the process of uploading them  to the blog this week and next.


“In Math we have been learning about fractions and decimals.  We are learning about different things in our Math rotations.  I am in a group that has been learning about improper fractions and how to convert them to mixed numbers.  I am also learning about converting fractions to decimals.  I did this though different games that Ms. Thao sent us and through these 100 charts that help us convert fractions into decimals and through different story problems that I have to solve using what I know about fractions and decimals.  Other groups are learning about different things like how to order fractions and equivalent fractions.” -Jojo