New Math Games

Currently, the students are working on problem solving multi step problems in class.  However, one thing that students will continue to practice all year is fluency with numbers. The students should be able to work with numbers flexibly and calculate automatically.

In order to help students practice this at home the class bloggers for the week (Talya, Hung and Lucas)  created a video of three Math games.  The materials for these games have been sent home. You can also use a deck of cards to play most games.

These games are intended to be adjusted based on your child’s needs.  For example if your child can easily add  two one digit numbers and tell you how many more to 20 then have them add two three digit numbers and tell you how many more to 1,000. Or if they find that hard have them tell you how many more to 100.  Remember the purpose is to become quick and automatic with the calculations and to be able to work with the numbers flexibly.


Thinking Like Scientists

I hope everyone had a lovely week away from school last week. The students are right back in the swing of things. This week the students have started a new class job.  They will take turns helping document the class’s learning for the blog.  This week Talya, Hung and Lucas created a video of Math games and helped to create several more videos of our learning. We hope you enjoy them.

Our learning intentions Oct 17-21:

Math:  Understand the steps to take in order to break apart problems and solve them.


UOI:  Begin to understand how scientists think and work.  Note: We are beginning a new unit.  Please click here for more information about the unit.

Literacy:  Revise our own narrative stories by first learning how to identify features of good narrative writing. img_0222

I Time: Use the design process to identify personal solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals