Book Sale


DONATE BOOKS TODAY – Help promote literacy in Vietnam!

We are collecting books NOW until April 29 for the upcoming annual Used Book Sale.

Homerooms with the most books donated win a PRIZE!

The Used Book Sale  is an opportunity for both kids and adults to purchase some ‘pre-loved’ books, in their native tongue (or another language!), at bargain prices. Kids’ books, adults’ books, fact or fiction, English, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, German, Swedish, French – we’re interested in books on any subject, in any language spoken within the UNIS Hanoi community. If it’s a book that someone else might enjoy, donate it by April 29!


We are actively looking for volunteers to help with book sorting (May 4 – 5) and book sales (May 6 – 7).  Click here to volunteer!


Questions?   Let us know!

Megan Todd and Kelly Kim, Used Book Sale Co-ordinators

Contact us at:

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Market Day Reminder

This is a reminder that Market Day will be Thursday 21st April 9:00—11:00

Parents are welcome to come and shop. You can spend up to 60,00 VND total.


Within the Transdisciplinary Theme of “How we organize ourselves” Grade 4 students have been inquiring into the principles of supply and demand. They have been investigating just how much market forces can affect the value of goods or services. They have discovered that determining the price of a product is a complicated matter.

To make this as realistic an experience as possiblethe grade 4 students have become entrepreneurs. They have thoughtfully constructed a business plan and have been loaned money from a financial benefactor.

On Thursday, 21st April they will attempt to sell their products or services to an excited band of consumers, namely the students of Grade 1,2, 3 and 5.