Our week in 4MS

Learning Intentions for November 16-27:

Math: Last week- Students learned to analyze the shape of data and write conclusions based on their analysis.

This week-We will compare and analyze data from two groups using graphs.

UOI: Last week: Students wrote a scientific investigation report.

This week: We are beginning our new unit with the following Central Idea: The lifestyle choices we make ‘today’ affect our body systems ‘tomorrow’

Writing: We are continuing to use peer and teacher conferences to revise and edit our memoirs.

Reading: Develop reading strategies that help us to become better readers.

Important Notices:

Thank you all for the kind notes and gifts for teacher day. It am so privileged to teach your children.

Guest Teacher: Christina Breidenbach is finishing her final teaching placement for her teaching degree from Stenden University in the Netherlands. She has had previous placements in Bangkok International Preparatory School. Last week, she joined our class to observe and get to know the students.  Christina’s teaching responsibilities will increase over the next couple of weeks. During this time I (Ms.Mindy) will continue to be in the classroom assisting students. Christina will be with us until Winter break. We are lucky to have such a knowledgeable teacher with us for a time.



This Week in 4MS/ Important Notices

Learning Intentions November 2-13:  

Math:  Students will understand that data can be collected, organized, represented and summarized in a variety of ways to highlight similarities, differences and trends. They will organize anid represent data in a variety of ways. They will begin to notice patterns and trends in data. image






UOI: Students will analyze the results of their experiments and draw conclusions.image

Literacy: Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations incorporating learned content and taking into account the particular purposes and audience.

Important Notices:

Assembly:  4MS will be leading the elementary assembly this Friday, November 13. They have planned the script and volunteered for parts. They will be sharing what they have been learning in UOI with the elementary school.  This is a very student run assembly. You are welcome to come but please note that you would need to stand in the back as all of the seats are typically taken by elementary students.  The assembly will begin at approximately 2:15 and it will last until 2:40.

blog picHomework: Homework will look different over the next two weeks in Grade Four.  Each student will have a nightly task to help prepare them to test an investigation independently.  They will be bringing home their book every night and returning it everyday so that we can discuss and work on things at school.  Please help your son/daughter manage this change in routine.

The investigation that they will be planning is one that they will be testing out at home for homework next week or over the weekend.  We will guide them through this whole process and ask that you help them in the coordination of materials and work space,  but allow them to have this investigation be student planned and tested.  They are being asked to photograph or video the actual experiment to document the process.  This is a great way for you to support them over the next two weeks.

Goodbye:  Last Wednesday we said goodbye to Jae Hyun. He has now moved to Ho Chi Minh city. He was a fun, caring and positive member of our class and we will miss him.  



Important Notices, November 2-6

Important Notices for the week of November 2-6

No School: There will be no school this Thursday or Friday because teachers will be engaged in professional development.

Walk-a-thon: The annual Walk-a-thon will be held this Wednesday. Volunteers are greatly appreciated.  We need at least 3 parents who will be in charge of marking students arms each time they run a lap. It is a very fun and exciting event.  Please let me know if you could help. mslaughter@unishanoi.org