The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Etoile’s hot topic

Over the years an island called the great pacific garbage patch has formed, it is called that because the island is made completely out of litter and oils etc. But how did this happen? According to my research it’s because most of the trash we produce somehow goes to lakes, oceans, and seas. The trash from Japan and America get trapped by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre which made the island appear. The great pacific garbage patch is huge it is estimated that it is around the size of the state of Texas. The existence of the great pacific garbage patch was predicted in a 1988 paper by a company called N.O.A.A. For more information click the link

I have some questions Do you think in the future, people are going to fix this or going to let the island grow? Do you think the island is inhabited? Do you think if the whole world knew about this they would do anything about it?

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Last Week and this Week in 5MS

UOI: The students are beginning to work on their summative assessment for our persuasion unit. Each student is part of a team. Each team is working as an advertising agency. They have been given a product and target audience for which they need create an advertisement. The groups started by researching their target audience and deciding on which advertising techniques would be most effective. They then created story boards for their advertisement. This week they will film and begin editing their commercials.DSC00958







Language: In reading, the students are continuing as part of literature circle groups. They have been having excellent discussions as they get deeper into their books. In writing, students looked through all grade 5 Hot Topics blogs and decided which topics interested them. They chose one that they cared about and could take a stance on. Now each student is in the pre-writing stage for a persuasive essay based on a Hot Topic blog.  Last week they researched and wrote a thesis statement. This week they have written an outline and will begin their first copy of the essay.

Math:  The class was looking at ordering fractions, decimals and percentages on a number line and interchanging between the three. They worked through several story problems and activities in class which helped them practice these concepts. One example is the In Between game which is similar to a game they played before with fractions. But this time students had to place fractions and decimals next to each other and try to block their partner. The game requires students to interchange between fractions and decimals, think of equivalent fractions, order decimals and fractions and subtract fractions and decimals. DSC00956DSC00954


I have heard before about illegal whaling on the news and I wanted to know more about it. Here is a link to the article.

Do you think that whaling should be illegal?

What other news have you heard any other stories about illegal whaling?

Do you think it matters a lot?

What do you think people could do to stop whaling?

What do you think the government should do to the people who have been whaling?

Illegal Trade

Griffin’s Hot Topic

Record numbers of rhinos are being poached and killed in South Africa for their horn. Many of those horns end up being sold illegally for their supposed medicinal properties in countries such as Vietnam.

“On 30 December 2013, a park ranger on patrol in South Africa stumbled across the body of a two-tonne, 3m-long dead rhino. Its horn had been torn from its face and it had almost certainly died in slow agony. The ranger used his radio to contact the park HQ saying simply, “Another one gone.”

They knew immediately what he meant.”- Sue Loyd Roberts BBC News

According to a recent BBC New article by Sue Loyd Roberts there were 1,004 Rhino’s poached in 2013. The South African department of Environmental affairs says 668 were killed in 2012 for their horns.  This shows how much peoples demand for Rhino Ivory is increasing.


poaching rhinos

The death took the number of rhinos poached and killed for their horn last year to 1,004, a 50% increase over the previous year. The South African department of environmental affairs says 668 were killed in 2012. A decade ago, in 2003, only 22 rhinos were poached.

momma rhino


If this continues all the beautiful rhinos will be extinct.

 Do you think that all the rhinos will become extinct?

Do you hope that the end the illegal trade?

And Do you hate the poachers that are killing these amazing creatures, aka (also known as) Rhinos?


To find more in formation got to this link

Endangered Animals

Chuc An’s Hot Topic

polar bearsMany species have vanished from the world, others are endangered. Since 2010, there have been 8 extinct species, but in the 1900s, there were over 30 species that became extinct. Endangered animals are animals that have a possibility of becoming extinct. Animals can become extinct because of many reasons like pollution and climate change. Pollution is caused by people, factories and many more. Another reason is reduced habitats. People destroy habitats to build factories, farms, buildings and all sorts of things. Fishing and illegal hunting can be big problems because if animals are hunted a lot they will soon become endangered. Many animals, like the polar bear, are affected by global warming; pandas are endangered because of habitat loss. Now, there are laws to save animals. There are ways you could help save endangered animals like raising awareness, recycling, save energy. Take action! To find out more about some endangered species, see these articles.

I chose this hot topic because I think endangered animals is a problem people should be aware of.

How will you try to help endangered animals?

Do you think the number of endangered animals will increase?

How many endangered species do you think will be extinct in the next 2 years?

Chuc An Tran