March 17th

Water Puppets

Last Wednesday, the children had a wonderful time at the water puppet show. The children reflected on the show and told others about their favourite part was.

Art Show

What a lovely event! This was the first time that K1 has had an art exhibition like the one yesterday. As a teacher, I was impressed by the quality and creations that the children made. As parents, you should be very proud.

Mars Rover

Yesterday, we had a guest speaker come to K1. Dr. Ashley Stroupe, sister of a teacher at UNIS, came to talk to the children about her work at NASA. She is the ‘driver’ of the Mars Rover. The children asked amazing questions and were extremely engaged in what she had to say. Her talk has inspired many students to draw, create and learn more about space and the mars rover missions.

Here is a short Biography:

Dr. Stroupe has been a Staff Engineer at JPL since December 2003. She works in flight operations for the Mars Exploration Rovers, building sequences for rover driving and operating the robotic arm as well as doing long-term planning for rover traverse. She is also working on the development of the flight mission Mars Science Laboratory, evaluating terrain near potential landign sites. Her research focuses on multi-robot teams in complex environments and behavior-based control, with applications to exploration and mapping, dynamic target observation, and cooperative manipulation. In addition to the research listed here, Dr. Stroupe participates broadly in community activities such as outreach and education and has published multiple conference papers, book chapters, and journal articles in robotics. She recently appeared on “Five Years on Mars” on the National Geographic Channel.


Have a great weekend,

Kristi and Hang

March 3rd, 2017

Art work on back wall

The children in the ECC have been helping to design a mural for the small playground wall. Each child in K1B created a scene. The artist used the drawings of the students to get his inspiration for the mural. On Monday and Tuesday of next week the artist will be here to create the mural.
Here are a few of our drawings:



Every Monday and Wednesday Luca has been reading to our class from 11:35-11:55. He is amazing at engaging the children and he is always asking questions to get the children thinking. It has been a great experience for all. Luca will continue to read with us on Wednesdays for the rest of the year. The children LOVE when he comes. Here is a short clip!

Prior Knowledge for How We Express Ourselves

We have been busy inquiring into our new unit. The children were asked the 3 questions below. We will continue to build on their prior knowledge by using provocations. As the unit continues, the children will gain an understand of the central idea: Storytelling allows us to share ideas, feelings, and experiences.


Making a Puppet Theatre

We can tell stories using puppets. The children decided to make a puppet theatre. We had to go to Operations to find boxes. We are still working on our puppet theatre.

Descriptive Language

After our visit from consultant Stephen Graham, the K1 students have been learning how to create Descriptions.  The children need: a number sentence, a colour sentence, a doing sentence and a size sentence. We have been orally creating descriptions as a group. Everyday we write a description of the line leader.


Loose Parts

Home language morning

Thank you to all the volunteers who joined our Home Language Morning. The children really enjoyed their time.

Please come and read in your home language!

Thank you to Arthur’s mom, Emilie,  for coming to read to us in Danish. Please email me, if you would like to read to the class just after drop-off or just before pick-up.


Have a great weekend,

Kristi and Hang

January 20th, 2017

Dear Parents,

I hope that you had a fabulous winter break. It was lovely to hear about all your adventures and stories from the children.

I have uploaded new photos for you and your child to look at. I wish you a great TET holiday and look forward to hearing about more adventures.


A few upcoming dates:

Monday January 23rd- Spirit Day! We ask that all students wear blue.

Thursday January 26th- TET Assembly. We ask that all children come in Ao Dai.

Tuesday February 14th- Parent-Teacher Conferences. No school for ES students!


Hang and Kristi

November 18

How high can you make your tower with these 7 blocks? The children worked with a partner to create and draw their tower. We focused on the names of the shapes and describing the shapes used.

img_0140    img_0156   img_0144 img_0502

Thank you for your support of the Walk-a-thon.

img_0280    img_0282

As a class, we worked togehter to make a large class flag. The flag respresents all of ‘our’ countries or countries the children have a connection to.

img_0367   img_0500

New Unit of Inquiry


Finally, the children had the opportunity to play on the new playground. We met our grade 3 buddies by the playground and they taught us how to play safely.

img_0485 img_0487 img_0490 img_0495

More photos can be seen here!!

Have a great weekend,

Kristi and Hang

October 3 – October 21

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a relaxing and fun holiday. I have enjoyed hearing about all the fun things the children got up to. The pictures have been a big help. We have had many great conversations. The children have been very excited to share.

In Maths, we have learnt a new game called Treasure Hunt. The focus was on what comes before (a certain number) and what comes after (a certain number). Ex: What comes after 4? What comes before 4? How do you know where to put the card?

img_0086 img_0087

We are finishing up our Who We Are unit. The unit was about making informed choices and how those choices can affect others. Children learnt about their responsibilities in the class, on the play ground and at home. Together as a class, we discussed how to tidy up the classroom. The children helped brain storm ‘how we tidy up.’ The photo below shows how we tidy up the classroom. The other photo is of 4 children who volunteered to share their learning in assembly. The video clip will show the children at assembly sharing.

img_0325 img_0099

We have been introducing 2 letters a week to the children. This week we focused on Ee and Ff. Next week, we will introduce Gg and Hh. Please notice sounds and letters while out and about in Hanoi. There are many opportunities for your child to engage with letters and sounds. Please continue to send in photos of your child finding objects that begin with sounds E, F, G and H. We are adding the photos to a book.

img_0311 img_0322

Here are some pictures from the week.

Have a great weekend,
Kristi and Hang

September 19-30

This week, we have begun  to introduce  and work with letters/sounds. We focussed on letters/sounds Aa and Bb. Next week, we will focus on Cc and Dd.


You could support your child at home by finding objects around the house that begin with the sounds we are focussing on. You child can take  a photo with an iPad or phone. Please email the photos to me, so we can share what we they have found.

Thank you to all the parents for the conversations on Tuesday. It is always nice to learn more about your child and for you learn more about what your child is doing during their day.

Here are some photos from the past 2 weeks.

Kristi and Hang


September 5-17

Dear Parents,

K1 has been working together and learning to co-operate with their friends. We have begun ‘junk modelling’ and the children are really enjoying creating in the junk corner.

img_2933              img_2934

Just a reminder: Please make sure your child has show and tell every week.

Yesterday, we celebrated the Moon Festival. We attended a special assembly and made rice dough pigs.

img_2912 img_2916 img_2921 img_2924

Ms. Hang spoke to the children about the Moon Festival and she showed the children how to make fruit creatures (a traditional craft at Moon Festival time).

Children have been taking responsibility in the classroom. Each child chose an area to be responsible for. When they finish tidying up, the children go and help their friends. We are taking responsibility for our own actions and reminding our friends to help out.

img_2869 img_2871

REMINDER: Monday is Photo Day.

Have a great weekend,

Kristi and Hang

Week 2 and 3

Dear Parents,

We have had a busy few weeks of school. The children are getting to know their classmates, meeting new friends and  learning the new routines in K1.


This week, we were learning about being caring and principled. The children took responsibility for tidying up the classroom. We are talking a lot about our responsibilities and how our decisions effect others.

IMG_2791         IMG_2800

We also met our grade 3 buddies. The children enjoyed playing, reading and building with their buddies.
IMG_2777         IMG_2783

Here are more photos from our week. Photos

Kristi and Hang

Welcome to K1B!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the K1B blog.

A warm welcome to our new families and welcome back to our returning families.

This will be the main way for me to communicate with you throughout the year. I will share photos and share learning that is happening in the classroom. Please take the time to check the blog (usually on a Friday). Sharing the photos with your child is a great way for them to share their week with you. I love receiving feedback and would love for you to comment when you can.

I have added tabs to our timetable and show and tell schedule. You can click “Timetable” and “Show and Tell” to see the schedules. These can be found just underneath the photo.

We will begin Show and Tell on Monday. Please make sure your child has something to share on their day.

We have have a fabulous start to our school year and the children are engaging in their new space, making new friends and learning the routines.

FAMILY PHOTOS- We will be creating a class book about our families. Please email me a family photo.

Here are some photos from our first few days 🙂
Photos of Week 1
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at:

It will be a great year.

Kristi and Hang
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