November 9

UN Day

Visiting the Pool and Sensing the Rain

We are continuing with our unit of inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme how the world works with the central idea: Water is a natural resource that can be explored. This week we have been focusing on the line of inquiry: using our skills as scientists to explore and how water behaves.The children are using their 5 senses to observe, listen, smell, touch and taste like scientists. We began the week using our senses in the pool on Monday and today we used our senses in the rain. The children are beginning to notice and wonder more about water and how it behaves.


Thank you to Sujoy, Huyen, Saria, Hiromi and Mai for their support yesterday. The children looked amazing in their blue dragon hats and did an amazing job running. Please remember to return the sponsor form and money, as soon as possible.

Head Lice

We have had a few children in the class with head lice. Please make sure that you check your child. You can get the shampoo from Raffles to kill the live lice, but remember you need to pick the eggs out or the lice will return. I would recommend that children with long hair wear their hair up.

Up coming events:

November 13 and 14: No school on Monday and Tuesday!

November 23: K1A will be doing a short share at the ECC Assembly. You are welcome to come and watch. We will be video taping the assembly, if you cant come. It will begin at 8:25.

December 1 and 2: Elementary School musical. Tickets will be on sale soon!

Here are the photos from the week.

Have a great weekend,

Kristi and Hang

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