October 19

Student Blogs

UNIS Hanoi is using Easyblog! We are currently using Easyblog portfolio to capture and reflect student learning, and we would like you to be able to view your child’s work in real time. Please click this K1A subscription link and follow the instructions to subscribe if you are a new parent at UNIS Hanoi, or if you are a returning parent but have not yet subscribed to your child’s portfolio. Once you subscribe, you will receive an email notification when your child adds a blog post.
If you are a teacher parent at UNIS, please use your personal email to subscribe to your child’s Easyblog account.

New Unit

We have begun our new unit of inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme how the world works with the central idea: Water is a natural resource that can be explored. The children tuned into the unit by exploring our new science lab, playing in the water table, painting with water on the walls and by going on a water walk.

Cheer for APAC

Today we welcomed schools from all over Asia. K1 adopted Brent International School from Manila. The children cheered loud and made them feel welcome. We also supported our UNIS team!

Started show and tell

This week we started Show and Tell. The students were  excited to share with their friends. We are learning to be good listeners and be respectful when others are sharing.

Next week for Show and Tell, I ask that each student bring in a tool to explore water.  For example: Container, spoon, funnel, tube… Be creative 🙂 We will use descriptive language to talk about the ‘tool.’


  • FRIDAY (tomorrow): The children are asked to wear BLUE to support UNIS at the APAC volleyball tournament!!
  • Please ensure your child has extra changes of clothes at school.

Here are the photos for the week.

Have a great weekend,


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