October 5th- Important information.

Dear Parents,

Thank you for Tuesday. It is always a pleasure to share about your child’s progress.

Sand, Sand and MORE Sand

What do you do when new, white, soft sand appears in the sandbox??? HAVE FUN!!!

Co-constructing our Calendar

We are working together to create a calendar. Every morning, we reflect on one activity from the day before. We talk about what we see and what we are learning about. At the end of everyday, we sit together and think of an event or something special that happened and a child draws a picture to help build our calendar. Come and see. I am sure your child would LOVE to share!!

Descriptive language

This week we have been working on writing descriptions of our friends. The children used a colour sentence, a doing sentence, a number sentence and a size sentence to describe their friend.


Buddies: “What did you learn from your buddy?” The link is a reflection from the children after todays buddy session. Enjoy the short movie!

Peace Day 

Here is a link to our Peace Day Video.

Show and Tell

After the break, we will begin Show and Tell. The schedule is below:

Tuesday: Alden, Bao Yen, Ellie, Celine

Wednesday: Nikhil, Hanming, Thomas, Katie

Thursday: Eimear, Simon, Freddy, Inbar

Friday: Flynn, Johanna, Luna, Sophia

The children will be asked to use descriptive language to explain their Show and Tell. We will be working on giving a colour sentence, doing sentence, number sentence and size sentence.

For week 1, I ask that you email me a photo, bring in a souvenir, or something special from your holiday for your child to talk about.

New Unit

After the break we will be starting a new unit. This unit will be messy and fun. If possible, I ask that you send in 2 extra sets of clothes and any other water gear (poncho, rubber boots and swim suit) in a plastic bag labeled with your child’s name.


Have a great break,

Kristi and Hang

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