September 28

Our K1 counsellor came to introduce herself to us on Tuesday. Ms. Anissa shared her puppet friends and talked about our community and how she can help, if the children need someone to talk to.


Last week was International Peace Day. We read books, watched videos and talked about “What is peace?” The children made the connection to our line of inquiry, ‘what we do makes a difference.’


Today we celebrated the Moon Festival. We wore our Ao Dai. We painted masks. We had a special Moon Festival snack. We made dragon blowers. We watched an assembly.

We can discuss and interpret data through simple discussions. We sorted ourselves by the colour of our Ao Dai. We looked at our top colour and our bottom colour. Asking questions like: How many people have a blue ao dai? How many people have a pink ao dai? How many more people have a pink pants? How many have gold pants? etc…

We can count a set of objects to 5 and use the term more. The children made their own dragon. The dragon craft was used to teach number to 5 and to focus on fine motor. The children cut 5 body parts. While they were making the dragon we would ask : How many do you have? How many more do you need? Can you show me that number on your fingers? Can you show me another way to show me (number) with your fingers?  Similar questions would be asked about eyes, teeth and feathers.

REMINDER: There is no school for children on Tuesday. I kindly ask that you do not bring your child with you to the conference. Thank you!

Here are photos from the week.

Kristi and Hang

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  1. Beautiful ! Thank you, Ms Kristi and Ms Hằng for filming and posting all the movies and photos. Love to hear them describe Peace “Ice cream, sharing, calm, wind from the mountains” So simple and so true. Great job, teachers!!!!!!

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