September 21

Dear Parents,

We celebrated UNIS’s 30th birthday on Tuesday. The children took part in a whole school assembly, a special photo shoot and a had a delicious cupcake.

We had 2 special community members come to read to us this week, Mr.Jeff (4th grade teacher) and Kristian (Flynn’s dad). If you would like to read or share a celebration, please send me an email or talk to me to arrange a time. I would love for the children to be able to explore and experience different cultural celebrations.


What does math look like in K1?

This week, the students were working with dot patterns to 6. The children were exposed to regular and irregular dot patterns.

We also set out loose parts for the children to create with. We asked the children: What did you create? How many do you have? Do you have more ____ or ____?  The children are learning to count objects and to give a value to a set.

We also set out a collection of unifix cubes with letters on them. The children have been grouping, sorting and arranging the unifix cubes. Some students have decided to spell their names. The children are counting the letters in their name and comparing their names with their friends. The children are sorting the cubes by the letters written on them. The children are sorting the letters by upper and lowercase. The possibilities are endless, but the questioning by the teacher to understand the thinking is most important! The simplest arrangement of resources can allow students to explore, understand, inquire and learn.



This week Bao Yen celebrated her 5th birthday. Happy 5th Birthday to Bao Yen!


Here is the link to some photos.

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