September 14th, 2017

Dear Parents,

The children have created a K1A web (light blue) and have understood the idea that we are all part of our K1A community. Yesterday, the children began to understand our UNIS community. The children added others to our web (purple). These people included: Mr. Jeff, brothers/sisters, fixers, cleaners, Dr, Barder, specialist teachers, the list goes on.  One of the students made a connection to last year and special readers going to their class. The children decided to make a list of readers they want to have come from our community to read. The children decided to call, write letters, visit and email to ask for them to come and read.

Today with our buddies we celebrated international dot day. The children created a collaborative piece of art on the construction fence.

Every week the children cook with Ms. Hang. Why do we cook? Cooking is full of math. Measuring. Weighing. Counting. Dividing. Multiplying. Cooking is a social experience. Taking turns. Cooperating towards a common goal. Eating together and valuing the time together.

Here is the link to some photos.


Friday September 15th: Wear dots to celebrate International Dot Day.

Tuesday September 19th: We will celebrate UNIS’s 30th birthday at school. We ask the children wear blue.


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