August 31st

Another week of K1 complete.

The children are developing our classroom essential agreements. This week we thought about what our classroom should “sound like, look like and feel like.” We will use our discussion to create our class agreements. I will share them when they are complete.

After assembly, last Thursday, I asked the children “What would you like to learn this year in K1?” I have posted their answers here. This question was asked by Ms. Nitasha at assembly and the children were keen to share. Enjoy! Their replies are in the link at the end.

Today the children got to meet their grade 3 buddy. Our buddies will be working with us on opposite weeks to assembly. The children were very excited to meet their new ‘big’ friends.


What is a community? We continue to learn about our community. The children have been talking about their family community and we are discussing our school community. The children will be asked to draw a picture of a classmate (Next week,  we will discuss how their friend helps our community- by referring to our K1A: See, Hear, Feel poster).

Together, we read the book ‘My Friend’ by Taro Gomi. We had a great discussion about how our friends can teach us new things. We also read ‘Lacey Walker the Non-stop Talker’  by Christine Jones. This linked to one of our K1A Community wishes ‘listen when others are talking.’


To support our unit: I need your help with translating ‘community’ and ‘friend’ into your home language. Could you please email me with a translation? I would like to use it in a lesson.

We have a lovely outdoor space in K1 and we have begun using the space. The children have danced, played instruments, played in water, built in the sand, had a picnic, listened to the rain with the doors open, found frogs…but, how could we make it better? As a group, we started to brainstorm ideas for our outdoor space. The children thought we needed flowers, shade, trees, toys and ‘more fun things.’ As a grade, the K1 students will begin to develop our outdoor space. This is a very exciting time and I can’t wait to see how the project will end.

Monday September 4th- NO SCHOOL

Thursday September 7th- Back to School Night. You are invited to come to the class to learn about our K1 program. I will be able to answer questions and share about our year. There will be a session from 6:00-6:30 and 6:35-7:05 in our class room (B11-G18). The specialists will be set up in the Center for the Arts foyer (B9)

Here is the link to our photos and videos.

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