March 17th

Water Puppets

Last Wednesday, the children had a wonderful time at the water puppet show. The children reflected on the show and told others about their favourite part was.

Art Show

What a lovely event! This was the first time that K1 has had an art exhibition like the one yesterday. As a teacher, I was impressed by the quality and creations that the children made. As parents, you should be very proud.

Mars Rover

Yesterday, we had a guest speaker come to K1. Dr. Ashley Stroupe, sister of a teacher at UNIS, came to talk to the children about her work at NASA. She is the ‘driver’ of the Mars Rover. The children asked amazing questions and were extremely engaged in what she had to say. Her talk has inspired many students to draw, create and learn more about space and the mars rover missions.

Here is a short Biography:

Dr. Stroupe has been a Staff Engineer at JPL since December 2003. She works in flight operations for the Mars Exploration Rovers, building sequences for rover driving and operating the robotic arm as well as doing long-term planning for rover traverse. She is also working on the development of the flight mission Mars Science Laboratory, evaluating terrain near potential landign sites. Her research focuses on multi-robot teams in complex environments and behavior-based control, with applications to exploration and mapping, dynamic target observation, and cooperative manipulation. In addition to the research listed here, Dr. Stroupe participates broadly in community activities such as outreach and education and has published multiple conference papers, book chapters, and journal articles in robotics. She recently appeared on “Five Years on Mars” on the National Geographic Channel.


Have a great weekend,

Kristi and Hang

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