March 3rd, 2017

Art work on back wall

The children in the ECC have been helping to design a mural for the small playground wall. Each child in K1B created a scene. The artist used the drawings of the students to get his inspiration for the mural. On Monday and Tuesday of next week the artist will be here to create the mural.
Here are a few of our drawings:



Every Monday and Wednesday Luca has been reading to our class from 11:35-11:55. He is amazing at engaging the children and he is always asking questions to get the children thinking. It has been a great experience for all. Luca will continue to read with us on Wednesdays for the rest of the year. The children LOVE when he comes. Here is a short clip!

Prior Knowledge for How We Express Ourselves

We have been busy inquiring into our new unit. The children were asked the 3 questions below. We will continue to build on their prior knowledge by using provocations. As the unit continues, the children will gain an understand of the central idea: Storytelling allows us to share ideas, feelings, and experiences.


Making a Puppet Theatre

We can tell stories using puppets. The children decided to make a puppet theatre. We had to go to Operations to find boxes. We are still working on our puppet theatre.

Descriptive Language

After our visit from consultant Stephen Graham, the K1 students have been learning how to create Descriptions.  The children need: a number sentence, a colour sentence, a doing sentence and a size sentence. We have been orally creating descriptions as a group. Everyday we write a description of the line leader.


Loose Parts

Home language morning

Thank you to all the volunteers who joined our Home Language Morning. The children really enjoyed their time.

Please come and read in your home language!

Thank you to Arthur’s mom, Emilie,  for coming to read to us in Danish. Please email me, if you would like to read to the class just after drop-off or just before pick-up.


Have a great weekend,

Kristi and Hang

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