November 18

How high can you make your tower with these 7 blocks? The children worked with a partner to create and draw their tower. We focused on the names of the shapes and describing the shapes used.

img_0140    img_0156   img_0144 img_0502

Thank you for your support of the Walk-a-thon.

img_0280    img_0282

As a class, we worked togehter to make a large class flag. The flag respresents all of ‘our’ countries or countries the children have a connection to.

img_0367   img_0500

New Unit of Inquiry


Finally, the children had the opportunity to play on the new playground. We met our grade 3 buddies by the playground and they taught us how to play safely.

img_0485 img_0487 img_0490 img_0495

More photos can be seen here!!

Have a great weekend,

Kristi and Hang

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