October 3 – October 21

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a relaxing and fun holiday. I have enjoyed hearing about all the fun things the children got up to. The pictures have been a big help. We have had many great conversations. The children have been very excited to share.

In Maths, we have learnt a new game called Treasure Hunt. The focus was on what comes before (a certain number) and what comes after (a certain number). Ex: What comes after 4? What comes before 4? How do you know where to put the card?

img_0086 img_0087

We are finishing up our Who We Are unit. The unit was about making informed choices and how those choices can affect others. Children learnt about their responsibilities in the class, on the play ground and at home. Together as a class, we discussed how to tidy up the classroom. The children helped brain storm ‘how we tidy up.’ The photo below shows how we tidy up the classroom. The other photo is of 4 children who volunteered to share their learning in assembly. The video clip will show the children at assembly sharing.

img_0325 img_0099

We have been introducing 2 letters a week to the children. This week we focused on Ee and Ff. Next week, we will introduce Gg and Hh. Please notice sounds and letters while out and about in Hanoi. There are many opportunities for your child to engage with letters and sounds. Please continue to send in photos of your child finding objects that begin with sounds E, F, G and H. We are adding the photos to a book.

img_0311 img_0322

Here are some pictures from the week.

Have a great weekend,
Kristi and Hang

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