As we continue to investigate the nature of the self through different forms of transitions, ways people change and how we adopt and adapt to new roles and responsibilities, fifth graders are making many discoveries! They have been learning more about biological changes from our school nurse, Ms. Susan, and the roles and responsibilities that the changes entail. Furthermore, they have been developing their understanding on how transitions work and their purposes. With this development, the fifth graders are reflecting and writing an ‘Advice to self: Personal Hygiene and Responsibility through Transitions.’

The structure of a recount is sometimes not evident for a fifth grader. This week, students identified features, purpose, structure, and grammar applicable to a recount text. There was more emphasis on literary language such as metaphors, similes and personification. With this new knowledge, they strove to enhance their individual recount texts. Reading in groups, the students continued to pinpoint recount aspects from what they are reading. Ask your child to use a metaphor to describe an event such as a meal or an outing.

In math, your fifth grader has been working on constructing and measuring angles, and using a formula to calculate volumes of varied objects. Have your child measure volumes of different objects around the house. Do not forget to ask for an estimation before the actual measure!

We had the traditional Grade 12 “Grand Walk” this afternoon. The entire school, D – 12, formed a “human pathway” starting outside the canteen and leading Grade 12 students through the ES courtyard. Students cheered and congratulated the soon-to-be graduates as they take a “Grand Walk” through campus.

Graduation Day is tomorrow Friday, May 25!

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