MAP – Measuring What Matters
Students in grades 3 through 5 partook in the MAP Growth assessment this week. This is an important aspect of triangulating the growth that your child is making academically.
“…using MAP Growth data to pinpoint the instructional areas your students are ready to tackle—whether they’re on, above, or below grade level.” ~ NWEA
As we wrap up the year, your child is evaluating and reflecting on skills, knowledge and the understandings acquired through the school year, while engaging in curriculum content explorations.
Ask your child about how well he/she thinks she did on the MAP assessment.

G6 Transition
Fifth graders received letters from their grade 6 buddies today and their eyes sparkled with anticipation. Many of them immediately got to responding to share their excitement. They are impatient to going to spend a whole day with their buddies and attend Grade 6 classes in two weeks time.

Please put the G5 Celebration of Learning on your calendar for June 11. We will use this event as a way for students to showcase their changing identities through artifacts and presentations, as well as a way to say goodbye and provide closure on a wonderful year.

G5 Celebration of Learning
(save the date)

UNIS Center for the Arts
Monday, June 11 at 9:00am

Please join us in celebrating the end of your child’s Primary Years Program.

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