Week of December 4

Do you know which energy source (solar, biofuel, etc) is the “best” for our environment? Well, the G5 students have their own opinions.

UOI – Electricity Learning Summit and more
As we approach the end of our Electricity unit, the students were presented a chance to truly be leaders of their own learning! A Learning Summit was held on Wednesday where your child showcased knowledge and skills gained during this unit notably on her/his personal inquiry questions and wonderings.
Here is a glimpse:

Next Tuesday and Friday, Grade 5 students will have 10 minutes to persuade a panel of judges (Sharks) that an energy source is the best possible source for an allocated world region. They have been busy working in ‘energy source’ groups towards completing their pitches for the ‘Shark Tank’ event!

Maker Day
Tomorrow, Friday, Dec.8, students will create a model/ blueprint, invention or innovation to support their ‘energy’ teams’ efforts to persuade the ‘Sharks’ to buy into their source of energy.

Our Math focus has been on improving student understanding of fractions and their connections to real numbers and decimals. Here are two fantastic articles: article #1 article #2 provided by our Math Coach, Ms. Beth, makes for an interesting read. For your reading delight, here is one more article and video from Jo Boaler, a professor of Mathematics Learning at Stanford University. We will continue with this math focus through to winter break.

Reading and writing have been centered around nonfiction information being sought for the ‘Shark Tank’ Event. Also, students completed their information reports on their personal inquiries following a guideline to ensure they have all elements of the text type. You are welcome to read and learn from our Charge Your Battery board where the reports are displayed.

Blue Dragons
$17, 707! That was the grand total raised during the Blue Dragon Walk-a-Thon. Well done to all who donated and walked on the day. Our class raised 6,000,000 VND.

Dinner time conversations:
A little something to talk about during your dinnertime conversations.
What are the 7 Energy Sources G5 students are researching for the ‘Shark Tank’?
What is the name of the show that students are currently auditioning for?
How do we put fractions on a number line?

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