Short Week of Nov. 15

All UNIS teachers had a two-day excellent learning professional development on Monday and Tuesday with Dr. Fran Prolman. We inquired into: How can all teachers effectively build up students’ agency, self-advocacy and their ability to take responsibility for their own learning. Hopefully, your child also continued learning at home and enjoyed spending quality time with the family. A take away from Dr. Prolman’s workshop for me was the emphasis on empathy. It would be great for us all to consider Brené Brown’s (mentioned by Dr. Prolman) four aspects of empathy: Fuels connection, Perspective taking and giving, Staying out of judgment, and Recognizing emotions in other people.

This week in math, students took a closer look at a rubric that will enable them to extend their skills, abilities and mathematical practices.The knowledge gained will not only come in handy when completing assessments but also in all math tasks while developing concepts taught.
For UOI, the students are continuing to work with how electrical energy is transferred, transformed, and controlled, using the key concept of function to drive the inquiry.

Focusing on information report, your youngsters are increasingly able to identify structures of this non-fiction text-type. They will gain a better understanding of the purpose of such text as they read more nonfiction books and online resources in this genre during our Electricity UoI.
‘Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon’ Money collection deadline is 22nd November. Please ensure your child gives their money and sponsorship form to their teacher before the deadline.
All students need their ID cards to access their photocopying.
All students need personal headphones to use in class.

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