Last Day of Grade 5 Retreat

Today started out excitedly with a visit to a Vietnamese school, Vinh Tien, Hoa Binh. We went in our activity groups to play games with the kids at the Vietnamese school. We played bamboo dance, tug of war, jump rope, art and pass the water.
Before lunch, we loaded the buses with luggage and then we all headed to lunch. We came back exhausted and hot!

Photo Day and Moon Festival 2016

Photography is a great way to store a memory, thus, School Picture Day is well cherished! We all tried our best for our personality to shine through the pictures.

We are fortunate to live in a place where the culture is so vibrant and outstanding! What a great way to feel a part of the community and to celebrate our host country.

First Full Week Down! Week of August 22

It’s been a busy but productive first full week of school! Students in Grade 5A got involved in various team building activities, gained knowledge about our Approaches to Learning, Elements of the IB PYP, multiple intelligences, and artistic presentation. They also were able to meet and get to know their buddies from Mr. Todd’s Grade 1 class.

Here is a glimpse into our week:

Goodbye and Good luck!

It has been a fun-filled, growth year for all 1RB students! As I’m writing this, I realize it’s the last time our class will be called 1RB! Yesterday was packed with mixed emotions – the joy of summer holidays, a bit of sadness, knowing that we will miss our friends who are moving to other countries.
Thank you all for an awesome year!
Ms. Hue and I would like to say Thank You to our amazing class parents, Minh Anh (Mai’s mom) and Tammy (JP’s mom) for all their support in establishing a pleasant 1RB family! We are very appreciative of you all and your thoughtful gifts!

Happy Summer Holidays!

Good Leaders

This week, first graders displayed a great deal of leadership skills. On Monday, they helped K2JM students learn about our lunch and recess routines. Taking the lead as experts for our incoming grade students.

The children also extended their leadership skills when they shared their stories with their peers from 1SF, 1TA, and 1JH. They demonstrated valuable listening skills as they had to tell about the characters, setting, problem and resolutions heard in the stories.

Our homeroom parent would like you all to enjoy this video that she created of Our Year in 1RB Please join me in saying a BIG thank you to Minh Anh for her invaluable support and effort in helping us build a strong and friendly Grade 1RB community.
We are off to the cinema to watch Shaun the Sheep on Tuesday
If you’re a leaver-parent you’re welcome to join us on Wednesday at 1:15 for an assembly.
Early finish on Wednesday.

Have a splendid weekend!

Week of May 30 – Taking Care

This week, first graders were able to explore different ways that we care through the exploration of the IB Learner Profile and attitudes in all learning tasks. On Monday, our homeroom parents came in to do an activity that helped reinforce our core values of the attributes of a PYP learner.

On Tuesday, Mr. Duc from the Operations office came to take us on a walk around our school to see the many ways UNIS uses plants resources.

Also on Tuesday, Eli from 1JH came in to teach us a math game, taking good care of how well we understood the game. 1RB students took great care to code the Beebot, demonstrating attributes of being knowledge, thoughtful, and reflective coders!

Showing appreciation is another way that your child displayed a caring attitude this week. Our class went to appreciate the effort and creativity of some of our UNIS community members who participated in the Year Book Cover competition.

Furthermore, we read two very inspirational books – The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry and The Mangrove Tree by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore – that allowed us to think about more ways to care for plant resources and the Sustainable Development Goals of Life on Land, Life Below Water, No Poverty, and No Hunger.
Luckily for us in Hanoi, there is an event happening this weekend in support of Flora & Fauna in Vietnam. It’s a great connection to the message in the stories and your child’s action plan, as shown above. Snip20160602_20
Our Learning Intentions for next week are:
English – Create criteria for a good narrative.
Maths – Review concepts and skills from the year.
PSEL – Review of Learner Profile
UoI – Reflection on the last unit

Please read the field trip to the cinema information letter, sign and return the permission slip back to school by next week Friday.
Have a happy weekend!

Week of May 23 – Learning

This week was packed with a great deal of learning – learning about what we know, what we need to know, what we do not know, how best to learn…
Reading with our Grade 5TC buddies enabled us to know how best we use strategies, how well we read, and learning new vocabulary.

The Grade 12 graduation and Grand Walk reminded of how much more to learn and the importance of being life-long learners.

In math, coding our Beebot taught us how to problem solve while learning. We keep on learning that the most pressing task is to teach ourselves how to learn.
What can I do to care for and not waste plant resources? This is one of our lines of inquiry which is providing a focus on how others can learn from us. Thus, Ms. Michelle came to teach us how to make posters to communicate our action – taking care of and not wasting plant resources.

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” ~ Albert Einstein
Our Learning Intentions for next week are:
English – Continue to work on narratives and the writing process.
Maths – Review math concepts taught during the year.
PSEL – Review of the Learner Profile attributes.
UoI – Completion of Sharing the Planet unit.

Week of May 16 – Sharing

At our first Grade 1RB assembly today, we had the opportunity to connect with and to be respected by our ES community audience. Sharing is a concept that is well demonstrated when we are relaxed and feeling secure; it’s when we even love to see someone else enjoy our favorite things. No doubt that our ES community members helped calm some nerves by smiling and giving us all their attention and allowed our first graders to relax and perform to the best of their abilities.

To be able to share, a one needs to feel a strong sense of connection, the need to feel loved and warmly accepted. This has been part of our discussion this week through varied activities in our UOI, Sharing Resources, and PSEL, gaining a better understanding of the attitude of empathy. When we feel close to others and emotionally safe, it’s easier to wait for a turn and put oneself in the other person’s shoes. We have what we really need; a sense of connection sustains us through little disappointments, and that’s when empathy sets in.
Here is a video of how we explored the concept of sharing fairly.

Sharing requires having information about what is happening and why.
Our Learning Intentions for next week are:
English – continue to work on narratives and the writing process.
Maths – Review math concepts taught during the year.
PSEL – Cooperation and Enthusiasm
UoI – Final assessment for Sharing the Plant
…because we care!

Week of May 9 – Uses of Plant Resources

One of this week’s highlights was going to the Museum of Ethnology on Tuesday! First graders gained a great deal of knowledge about various uses of plants. They had a chance to create a print from strictly plant-based resources; paper made from tree bark, stamps carved out of a tree trunk. On the second floor of the museum, we saw how different parts of a bamboo tree is used in building houses, making tools and musical instruments, and in jewelry and ritual ornaments and decorations. Also, we discovered how hemp fiber is used in making clothes, hammocks, and many household utensils. First graders were able to make connections to the use of roots, stems, flowers, and leaves for natural colors for dyeing fiber and painting ornaments.

Another highlight was that we had the privilege to observe how a Vietnamese conical hat is made from start to finish, and also get to bring one home. Following the process, the students learned about how much time and materials are needed.
Here is the instruction by Nam Nguyen: First you take some palm leaves and flatten it by rubbing them with your feet. Then let it dry in the sun for about a week. After, you iron it and cut out 18 pieces that are joined together. Next, you take a bamboo cane and cut through to make thin pieces for different size rings that go on the frame. Put the rings on the frame and then spread out the leaves on top. Sew the leaves together with the rings. Make different layers. Take the model off the frame and then cut off excess leaves. Finally, tie the end with strong string. You get the best conical hat ever!

The grade 1RB students met their Grade 5TC buddies on Thursday! We all enjoyed reading together while developing crucial reading skills!

Many 3D shapes hands-on, minds-on explorations were enjoyed by the class this week as everyone gained new vocabulary and applied their creativity in building structures – naming each 3D shape used.
Our Learning Intentions for next week are:
English – developing digital narratives using the writing process.
Maths – continuing to learn about and explore 3D shapes.
Give and follow directions
PSEL – Empathy & Tolerance
UoI – Investigate into how we can share

May 4 – 6 Book Enthusiasts!

This week, first graders displayed their love of books! On Character Day, many students came in dressed up as their favorite book characters. At our Annual Used Book Sale, most grade 1RB students purchased books of their interests and supported our UNIS community. They proudly chose books, asked for the price or looked at the price tag and paid the right amount of money! What a great opportunity to apply some math skills!
Some quotes to enjoy:
A book is a dream that you hold in your hand – Neil Gaiman
Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him. –Maya Angelou
Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. –Vera Nazarian



Developing our engineering skills through math, we worked on designing a chair for Goldilocks. With a partner, first graders communicated their design ideas and as thinkers, they creatively solved problems that arose in their designs and construction.

Our Learning Intentions for next week are:
English – Continue working on narratives and the writing process.
Maths – Continue to build and describe 3D shapes.
PSEL – integrity and creativity
UoI – Investigate into particular plant use and learn about ethical use of digital resources.