Student Led Conferences 2018

Dear Parents,

It is our sincere hope that you had a great student led conference with your child last Wednesday, 18th April. At UNIS Hanoi, we believe that children are in charge of their learning and we give them many opportunities to know that they are capable and competent and that they can influence what happens to them.

During conferences children and parents discuss all aspects of the learning together with openness and transparency so that children continue to feel empowered and responsible for their behavior and learning. Students should be able to share a range of work from the year and talk about aspects of their learning that they feel confident with, aspects that they find challenging and some goals that they have for themselves.

We would be grateful for a few minutes of your time telling us what you enjoyed the most out of your conference and what elements we can continue to work on to get even better next time. Please fill in a brief survey here: Student Led Conferences 2018.


Nitasha Chaudhuri
Lower Elementary School, Deputy Principal