Grade2 and 3 music concert

Last week saw our second and third graders thrill a captive audience of their parents, teachers and friends with their beautifully presented spring Music Concert. The children showcased their developing skills in the instrumental, general music and choral aspects of their curriculum by performing a range of different ensembles. To watch our 7,8 and 9 year olds students perform with passion and meaning and to feel their pride at the fruition of all their hard work was a real treat.

The concert opened with the Grade 3 ukulele players performing a range of different numbers along with with vocal accompaniment. The second grade recorder program then performed the movement Spring from Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Grade 3 showcased a choreographed dance from their General Music program. Each grade also performed choral pieces showcasing increasing complexity in their harmony, pitch and tempo. The concert ended with a rousing finale directed by Ms. Sally. With over one hundred students on stage singing beautifully, 3 soloists and 3 violinists and lyrics that had students making connections to countries all over the world that they are associated with, there was hardly a dry eye in the theatre.

In the Elementary School we know how important it is for students to have ample access and experience of both the performing and visual arts. Music is a fundamental form of both personal and cultural expression. It allows students to express their feelings and ideas about themselves and their place in the world. Through music students can appreciate aspects of their own culture as well as the culture of others.

Any performance of this calibre takes months of planning and preparation. Our team of teachers and teaching assistants, Ms. Sally, Ms. Alexis and Ms. Noor and Ms. Mai carefully weave core principles of music instruction together with their passion and love for the discipline. The UNIS operations team, Mr. Ngoc on lights and sound and all the homeroom faculty together helped make this a performance to remember and a highlight of the Grade 2 and 3 year. Bravo to you all!

Nitasha Crishna Chaudhuri

Lower Elementary Deputy Principal


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