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Farewell 4C
It has been a fantastic and memorable year in 4C.  Parents, thank you for all of your support. Students, you have come so far this year. I am proud of each of you. (More)
Summer Reading Suggestions
The summer is a great time to relax and get into some good books.  To help you find  good books we have compiled aMore)
Learning about Fractions through Music
"In Math we learned that music notes are the same thing as fractions. So we learned how to add  music fractions up to make a whole. More)
Preparing for Market Day
UOI "In 4C we have been preparing for Market Day, an event for 4th grade in their marketing unit.  Where we learn to be entrepreneurs.  We choose a business or service to sell to the other grades.  We have to think about what forces will affect ou (More)
Heritage Field Trips - in person and through virtual reality
Unit of Inquiry central idea: Heritage is out legacy from the past, what we live with today and pass on to future generations. Last week students split into groups to visit 6 different potential world heritage sites in Hanoi.  During the field tri (More)
Looking back and looking forward
Math: In Math the students have been setting their own weekly Math goals based on results from measurement and data assessments and then during rotations they work to accomplish their goals.  The students have been very successful in accomplishing (More)
New Unit
"Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today and pass on to future generations." -UNESCO During this unit, we will be asking students to loo (More)
Our students have been learning how to code in order to create animations for their "Story of the Rock" projects.   This week they used their coding expertise to lead their K2 buddies in a coding session.  They were excellent teachers.  Thank you to (More)
New UOI: Our body systems are affected by our choices
Two weeks ago we started our new Unit of Inquiry. The Central Idea is: Our body systems are affected by our choices. The lines of inquiry are: What are the different body systems? How do the different body systems work? What affect do (More)
What we have been up to in 4C
UOI: This week we began our new unit. Inquiring into how the choices we make affect our bodies. As a beginning to our unit many parents participated in an egg drop challenge, reflecting on how the body protects its vital organs and then designi (More)
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