May 28 – Jun 1

It has been another adventurous week in 5C. I have been enjoying getting to know all of the students better as they share pieces of their identity during an activity on their special day. With only two week to go, I continue to be amazed by all that makes them unique.

In Literacy, we have been continuing to write recounts. The students have each chosen an important transition that has impacted them and are recounting the events surrounding that time. It is interesting to see the events they value, the use of language and the changes they have undergone. We have switched genres and audience in reading. To finish the year we move from the depth of vocabulary used in Tuck Everlasting to the simplicity of language in Piggie and Gerald books. We will take into account the area of viewing and presenting when we share these tales with our buddies.

In Math we culminated Math May, where we have done a short math focus at the beginning of each morning. This week included; decimals, shape, fashion design and probability (not to mention a few songs mixed in). In class itself we examined measurement, looking more deeply as a class at area and perimeter and converting between centimeters and meters. With the information your children brought in as ‘homework’ we quickly investigated coordinate planes. Why not pull out your old Battleship games and ask your children about the connection?

In Unit of Inquiry students have been independently working on visually representing their identity and some of their transitions. It is interesting to see what they choose and how their personalities are showcased. We will share these with you on June 11.

We also went to Hanoi International School to check out their PYP Exhibition. They did a great job presenting, and we asked thoughtful questions that showed how much we have grown as thinkers and communicators.

Important Reminders:

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