May 21 – 25

As we continue to investigate the nature of the self through different forms of transitions, ways people change and how we adopt and adapt to new roles and responsibilities, fifth graders are making many discoveries! They have been learning more about biological changes from our school nurse, Ms. Susan, and the roles and responsibilities that they entail. Furthermore, they have been developing their understanding on how transitions work and their purposes. With this development, the fifth graders are reflecting and writing an ‘Advice to self: Personal Hygiene and Responsibility through Transitions.’


We are approaching the end of our class novel in both read with and read aloud form. It has been a challenge to juggle two texts but wonderful to watch students make comparisons as well as examine Identity and Transitions. We have begun to recount an important transition in writing, ensuring all the elements of a recount are present.

In math students have been following their own mathematical investigations. Anything from fractions to division to 3D shapes. They will present their findings to the class over the next couple weeks. We have also been taking part in teacher provided math centres, where students makes choice about the facets of measurement they will investigate.

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