May 14 -18

This week students took the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Test over three days, covering reading, math and language. While this test is only one measure of student academic achievement, it was nice to see the students so focussed on the task at hand.

As we continue our units on “identity” and “transitions”, students identified many types of transitions, from moving to maturity. They will begin to look more closely at the reproduction system tomorrow.

We have been enjoying two books in Literacy! Our class read aloud, Hello Universe and our whole class novel study, Tuck Everlasting. It has been wonderful to analyse all characters in terms of their identity and transitions they have encountered. In Math, we have examined our strengths as mathematicians and areas of growth. We have chosen our own areas of study and will present our findings to the class.

As we approach the end of the academic year and our time together as 5C we are also celebrating all of us. Each student has a day from now until the end of the year to showcase themselves and their identity. They also receive inspiring words from their classmates. It has been great to see the students share drawings, movies, games and language with the class. I look forward to what other students will present.

Finally, please put the G5 Celebration of Learning on your calendar for June 11. We will use this event as a way for students to showcase their changing identities through artifacts and presentations, as well as a way to say goodbye and provide closure on a wonderful year.


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