Week 19 January 8 -12

Monarchy, anarchy, dictatorship or democracy, which do you prefer?

It has been an interesting start back after a well deserved break. We spent the week delving into forms of governance showcasing one type each day. This provocation had students stunned into silence, bowing for royalty, revolting, organising elections and debating the merits of each. Our goal is to start with a unit that will have students thinking, asking questions and wanting to know more. I would say that these four days have definitely done that for your children and their teachers too. I look forward to see where the unit will lead us. Have a look on your child’s blog to see their thoughts on each form of governance.

In literacy we spent time reflecting on the new year and writing our own “less of”, “more of” statements for what we would like to see from this year. The students were also exposed to a new text type, a discussion. They were asked to use their knowledge on energy sources or on family structures and discuss their preferences. We will use this initial exposure to develop teaching points for the next few weeks in writing.

We continue to explore fractions and consolidate our understanding of their values and equivalence. We will extend this into addition and subtraction of fractions next week.

Hoping you all had a wonderful break. We are happy to be right back into it…despite the cold!

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