Week 16 – November 27 – December 30

Did you know that UNIS uses 13,000 kilowatts of electricity every day?
Thanks to a visit from our Senior Operations Officer we were able to learn more about our own energy usage and next steps for UNIS.

The focus this week was around energy and its sources. The students have been investigating energy sources and crafting their new knowledge into information reports they are co constructing in groups.  This involves research skills, paraphrasing and negotiating about importance of the information. These reports will help fuel our knowledge as we approach our summative assessment.

We also met in continent groups to begin to research energy usage in our world.  Many of you witnessed this first step in Open Classrooms on Thursday. The initial step was to investigate a continent and from there we will move to allocating an energy source. The students will then work in groups to present their energy source to a panel of “sharks’, Shark Tank style, competing with other groups in their continent. This will continue to develop into a design challenge, backed by research. Watch this blog for your official invitation to our Energy Shark Tank on Friday December 15.

In Math, we continue to explore fractions. Our initial investigation, as displayed on our blogs, has migrated into looking at the values of fractions. One way to do this is by placing fractions on a number line and justifying their location. Tomorrow we will apply this knowledge to a real world problem as we work through a 3 Act Math Task in Open Classrooms.

Thank you for coming by and witnessing your child in their own environment as they grow in their inquiry. 

Another opportunity to engage: ask your son or daughter about Billions in Change or watch it together. See what a difference innovation can make when working to bring energy, water and health to all.

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