Week 14 Nov 21 – 24

Another great week of learning in 5C!

We have delved into our new unit of inquiry focused on the consumption of electricity. This exploration was done two fold, by beginning a design challenge to make something using electricity and finding information to complete a class generated ABCs of Electricity. We are now ready to look more closely at the sources of electricity.

Next week we will begin our summative assessment which will combine research and design related to electricity. This will culminate in a small group presentation. Please advise if your son or daughter will be absent on the last Friday before Winter Break so they too can be assessed on this assignment.

To balance our unit of inquiry we are investigating information reports. We are focusing on the structure of the text and how to make our introductions showcase the elements of the topic. In reading we are also looking at reading nonfiction texts. We have begun our book The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. Ask your son or daughter about magical life in Malawi.

We have deepened our problem solving strategies by looking at multiple ways to solve problems and how to model problem s on new ways. We now are exploring fractions and what they represent in different situations.

We welcome you next week to Open Classrooms.
Please click here for information on the day in more detail.
These are the times your child will be welcoming you to experience their learning.

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