Week 11 October 30 – November 3

UN Day Celebrations are here this Friday starting at 10:15am. This is one of our school’s highlights of the year and we are looking forward to sharing this event with you and your family. Student’s have been hard at work practicing singing, and for a large group of students, practicing carrying and waving flags. After the ceremony we will enjoy sharing a meal with you and your children.


We were able to reflect on our journey into migration and the stories we shared at the end. I know the students were proud of their efforts, as was I. It is evident they understand how migration can lead to change, the causes of migration and the different perspectives surrounding the issue of migration. We delved back into identity, looking at cultural items and their importance to us.  Look for their visual representations on UN Day.

We revisited narrative writing. The students completed a post assessment. It is amazing to see how much they have grown as writers and their command of the elements of a narrative.

We also looked at perspective and how different forms of writing can come from the perspective of an object. We will carry this over into next week as we write from that perspective.


We spent 2 and 3 tenths (or was it 56 hundreths?) of a day looking at decimals.  We timed ourselves in various challenges and reported out our decimal findings. We also attempted to break our day, represented by 100 squares, into what decimal fraction we spend doing certain activities. No easy task. We will analyse this data next week.

Please support your son or daughter in our Walk A Thon next week.  It will raise money for Blue Dragon of Hanoi.

Early release on Friday November 3rd after UN lunch



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