Week 10 – October 22-27

Did you hear? This Friday, during the Migration Museum Extravaganza, over 80 activists, artists, athletes, authors, and revolutionaries will be coming to talk to G5 students and parents about their migration experiences!

This week students applied their knowledge around the topic of migration to present the story of a migrant. Throughout the process the students used the following skills: reading and researching for historical and cultural information, organizing information into chronological order, reading aloud and presenting, providing feedback, revising and editing.  They should feel very proud of their efforts in sharing knowledge in a clear and concise manner as well as helping their classmates reach their potential.

Each session will run for 20 minutes. Parents are highly encouraged to come for the full 40 minutes to support all students as they present.

There will be a world map and a Vietnamese map set up in the center for the arts for parents to visually demonstrate their own migration journey. This will be a great talking point for G5 students later in the day.

We began the week with a visit from Ms Joan who tapped into etymology. This helped focus our thinking around words and their origins. Just like people migrate, words migrate too. Ms Kristi and myself then extended this thinking to include new words, words that have changed and idioms. Can you think of words from your culture that we use in English?  Please add these to the comments below to help further our learning.

We also self assessed our own narratives. This helped us to ensure we were meeting Grade 5 benchmarks and allowed students to set goals for future writing.

At the end of last week we built a million. Come by and see it outside our classroom. It was interesting to see what a million actually looked like and your children’s responses to the prompt: I see, I think, I wonder.  We then came together as a Grade 5 ensemble to dig deeper into our thinking. This has led to deeper exploration of place value and saying numbers above a million. You can see the students reading and interpreting numbers within a million as found on a migration graph on their individual blogs.

Watch us Making a Million below:



  • Dress Up Day Oct 31 – appropriate dress up encouraged
  • UN Day Nov 3 – cultural dress and food
  • Blue Dragon Walk-a-Thon Nov 8  – sponsor sheets to be coming soon
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