G5 Speech

Defining Moments

My most memorable moment this year was the camp.I enjoyed the camp the most because there were a lot of things to do and it was really fun, and probably my favourite activity was the treasure hunt. My other most memorable moment was the Treasure Island play. We worked on it for weeks and it was really fun and it was fun getting the costumes. I really liked the entire day we got to practice because we started running the play for real and started wearing our costumes.The performance came out really well and it was a lot of fun. My last memorable moment was the Exhibition.There were lots of things to do and we researched about our topics and went on field trips and we had people coming on interviews.The exhibition was harder than I thought and we always had to write reflections on every week which was my least favourite part.Grade five was really fun and I hope next year will be as much fun.



I have changed a lot since the beginning of grade 5. I improved in learning, sports and many other things.In learning I mostly improved my math and reading because I have been reading a lot since grade 5 and in math because I am beter at long division and multiplication.In sports I improved a lot because I am 3 times faster than I was at the begining of the year and I can also do a lot of things I couldn’t do in the begining of the year like a frontflip in the air or climbing realy fast.I think I have changed since the begening of grade 5.



I think in the future I will be more confident with my learning and with the things I do. I also think I will be more independent because right now I need  a help from grown ups. I think in my future my learning will be harder so I will spend more time studying and less time being with my friends.In the future there will be more homework so I will also have less time to do fun things but there will still time for them.


Reflection on learning

In this year I learned a lot of things but I couldn’t have learned all these things without my teachers.Teachers and my parents helped me all my life and without them I couldn’t have made it this far so I want  to thank all my teachers and my parents.

Mandarin portfolio reflection


1.In this picture we had to write a story about sports.

2.I am roud of writing this long paragraph.

3.I realy found writing the new volcabulary challenging.

4.My lerner profile was risk taker.

5.My lerner attitude was confidence because I was confident with the work.

6.I had some trouble with the spelling so I could inprove that.

Around the world in 24 hours



Fill in what you would be doing at these times on one day of your week.


Then choose countries/cities and compare what you would be doing at the same time.


Use this link



Choice 1 Hanoi Vietnam to Sydney Australia +4  

Choice 2 Hanoi Vietnam to Prague Czech -6

Choice 3 Hanoi Vietnam to Wellington New Zealand +6

Choice 4 Hanoi Vietnam to

Choice 5 Hanoi Vietnam to


Hanoi Vietnam


0000 0330 0700 1030 1400 1730 2100
Activity sleeping sleeping video games outside watching a movie watching a movie sleeping
1 0400 0730 1100 0230
1800 2130 0000

Check Markus

Activity Watching a movie sleeping sleeping sleeping playing video games eating playing video games
2 1800 2130 0100 0430 0800 1130 1500
Activity sleeping playing video games outside playing video games watching a movie sleeping sleeping
3 0600 0930 0100
2000 2330 0300

Albert Ainstein Facts

In Literature Circle we had to read a book and write down facts about it I red a book about Albert Ainstein.Here are the facts.


  • Einstein was born in 1879 Ulm,Germany
  • He had a sister
  • He was a trouble maker
  • He got a compass from his father
  • He liked math and science
  • In school only went to classes he liked
  • His teachers were worried about him
  • Went on a Institute of technology
  • Still skipped classes
  • Quit school
  • Went to Italy where his family lived
  • Loved hiking as a teenager
  • Went to a school in switzerland
  • Got married in the school
  • In 1904 his son was born
  • Then another son was born
  • Divorced with his wife 1909
  • He teached at a school
  • He got a great sense of humor
  • Cut atom                     
  • Created equation E=mc2
  • Didn’t spend much time in his lab
  • Worked as a patent
  • His friend got him the job
  • Moved out of Germany because of Hitler
  • Became an American citizen
  • Other scientist used his knowledge to make the nuclear bomb
  • He wore the same close
  • He didn’t wear sock
  • His job gave him enough time to do his experiments

Play Day

We had a day where we got to go outside for the whole day but we were not alowed to use eletronics.Heres my reflection.



What is play?

How does it assist our learning?

What skills or attitudes do you need to play, with someone else or alone?

First think I that we are gonna play outside and inside like tag or battleship the board game.I think i’m gonna play battleship with Arnav and maybe tag tag too.And we are gonna play zombie tag with our group.


Now I think that the play day is super fun and I am super excited for the next one ore than anything.


What did you notice?People weren’t excluding other people.

What makes play better?When there’s a big group of people it’s the funnest thing in the world.

What problems occur in play?Some people cheated

What would be some good rules for play?That no one was allowed to cheat.


Adams hot topic Bullying

In my old school bullying was really common I have never been bullied but I saw a lot of other people get bullied it was terrible to watch.Once I saw a kid that doped his lunch money accidentally and the second it fell on the ground two bullies pushed him away took his money and ran of,but theirs also worst faze of bullying sometimes they just insult you but theirs bullies that hurt you physically.I always hated bullies and I hope bullying will end.

Final Assessment

I was supposed to Write a persuasion writing on my topic which was PEOPLE SHOULD NOT USE FACEBOOK.Enjoy

Statement of Position:

Facebook is a corporation and online social networking service that connects more than one billion people through messaging, texting, and posting. Facebook allows users to send and view information with their friends and strangers. Facebook is a form of social media that has many negative consequences such as being highly addictive, includes too much personal information and causes cyberbullying.





Firstly Facebook is highly addictive.

Facebook is highly addictive. Mostly tenegers spend hours on facebook like text all night with their friends and other people. Scientist have proved that facebook is more addictive than a cigarette and over one billion people use facebook. Sometimes people spend 24 hours a day on facebook and that is obviously bad for them.


Secondly Facebook includes too much personal information.

Most people put too much information on facebook. My mom told me a story of a woman who put the information that she was going on holiday on Facebook and then robbers looked up her facebook page and they found out where she lived and while she was on holiday they robbed her house. Some people put everything they do on Facebook and other people know where they are. This is very dangerous! Would you want everyone to know where you are and what you are doing all the time?


Facebook creates cyberbullying.

Facebook is not just full of texters, there are also bullies. In real life bullies can insult you but not as much because they know you can talk back or get help right away, but on Facebook they can change their username or they can be anonymous and they can insult you as much as they want and no one can do anything about it. In my opinion cyberbullying is worse than person to person bullying. And worst of all there are hackers who can hack your account.


Concluding Statement:

In conclusion, I think Facebook is really bad for you because it is highly addictive and people bully other people.  Believe it or not there are over one billion Facebook users and not all of them are good people that just text for fun. Facebook is really bad for you physically and mentally. Get outside and meet real people!