Thank yous and Goodbye

Dear Parents,

It’s time for the last blog post of the year. In this post, you’ll find a few videos and presentations that the students made on the theme of “3VdC’s Year in Review” . They chose the words, pictures, and tool in which to express themselves. You’ll also find an iMovie presentation about our Tower Making challenge. As always, you can find the videos in our 3VdC folder. Please remember to download anything you would like to keep as the blog will disappear shortly after I leave. Here¬†is the link to most files and folders.

Now, before the presentations, a few thank yous. A big thank you to the 3VdC students. They were such a wonderful group of kids: kind, energetic, enthusiastic. Their personalities made the year fly by and I will truly miss them. As I said yesterday, I will not be a classroom teacher next year as I will be an EAL and French teacher. I am so glad that this year’s 3VdC was my last homeroom for the foreseeable future. Thank you to you the parents for your support and collaboration and for participating in the various events through the year. Thank you to Melanie Knudson for being our room parent and coordinating with you to organize events, such as Monday’s grade level lunch. Lastly, thank you for the gift yesterday. I will enjoy my Vietnamese dishes in Tanzania ūüôā

To all, I wish you a great summer. To those leaving, good luck on your new adventures.

Tam Biet, Kwaheri,


Tower Making

Year in Review

Basil and Bobo, Emaze
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Ben and Trung, Emaze
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Min Ju and Momo, Emaze
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Mika, Emaze
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Ha Chi, U Jeong, and Macy, Emaze
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Javier and Ray – Google Slides

Olivia and Emma – Easely Infographic

Uy and Till, iMovie

Matias, Anvay, and Clarissa, iMovie

Maker Challenges and Emaze Presentations

The last few weeks have been focusing on reviewing and wrapping up. Last week, the students completed various Maker Challenges. You can find the video here or below.


The students have also transformed their animal information report into an Emaze presentation. You can view the presentations below in alphabetical order. A printed copy will also be placed in their portfolios.


Anvay, Bald Eagles
Powered by emaze

Basil, Parrots
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Bobo, Peregrine Falcon
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Ben, Bats
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Clarissa, Eagles
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Emma, Giant Pandas
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Ha Chi, Guinea Pigs
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Javier, Wolves
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Macy, Hamsters
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Matias, Tigers
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Mika, All about Elephants
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Min Ju, Giant Pandas
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Momo, Dolphins
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Olivia, Piranhas
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Ray, Cardinals
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Till, Rhinos
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Trung, Sharks
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U Jeong, Polar Bears
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Uy, Elephants
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Vanille, Owls
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ECC Assembly

3VdC performed at the ECC assembly today. Below are some videos.

Ha Chi and U Jeong greeting the ECC as they walked in.

3VdC performing “Count on Me”

Here is the link to the videos and pictures.


Please remember to download¬†any photos or videos posted on the blog this year as the blog will be deleted shortly after I leave. (That being said, if it doesn’t work, please let me know and I’ll look into the permission settings).

A few things

Please refer to the grade 3 blog for some exciting events coming up in the next few weeks.

In regards to the Codeathon, if your child would like to sign up, please use the link which was listed on the flyer.

In regards to book week, if you are interested in coming to school to share a book in your home language, please sign up here.

Lastly, some students asked me to post the link to a BrainPop video about food chains and food webs. It is available here and you will have to use your parent login on the hub to access library resources. (Please see previous posts).


3 VdC wrote this¬†song titled “Awesome Fractions”. Some students stayed in at a playtime to start the song and then, we continued it as a class.

Here¬†is our “Simple Machines” song from assembly.


Week of April 11th-15th

Thank you for coming in for SLC. The students appreciated you coming in and were very happy this morning. You can find the pictures in this folder.

In Maths this week, we started looking at multiplication by brainstorming lists of objects that come in groups and solving some story problems. For example, there are four stars. Each star has 5 points. There are 20 points in all. We solved the problems using drawings and manipulatives, and finding the equations which go with the problem. We will be continuing the work next week.

In English, we have started look at the information report genre. Students have divided a sheet into different parts, which shows the structure of an information text. We’ve also been reading information reports and looking for information in them.

Today we had reading buddies with 2TL as a way to keep the reading fun going during our read-a-thon. Here are those pictures.



Assembly today

3VdC will be presenting at assembly this afternoon. Here is some more information if you can attend. Assembly will begin at 14:10 in the Theater in the Centre for the Arts. Assembly usually ends at 14:50. Our presentation will last only about 15 minutes, but I am not sure at exactly what time we will be presenting. If you cannot make it, I will post a recording of the assembly on the blog in the next few days. Please email me if you have any questions.