Week 18 – 7th to 11th January

Welcome 5B Community to 2019

I entrust you all had a break that satisfied each of your families needs.

We began our new UOI – ‘Power comes with responsibility’, with a week-long provocation.  Monday saw students learning environment become a Monarchy. King Khoi was chosen as 5B’s King for the day, from an old French tradition called Galette Des Rois.

Statements from King Khoi’s subjects

“King Khoi was a good leader because he balanced free time and learning. He said he wanted his subjects to be educated” Na

“King Khoi made me a Knight and while I was a Knight I in charge of communications between the subjects and King Khoi. I thought he was a really good King because he listened to the ideas and suggestions of his subjects.” Grant

“I felt I was less than King Khoi because he had all the power and made all the decisions.” Agustin

Tuesday saw anarchy ensue after King Khoi was poisoned on Monday.

Statements about Anarchy;

“I thought that it was cool to be free and have no one to rule us” BJ

“Anarchy is very chaotic and if someone steps up to lead, no one listens and it is kind of annoying. No one learns anything because they all just want to play games. It just all over the place because there is no leader to guide us.” Zoe

The all-powerful dictator, Sunjae announced rules for her 5B citizens on Wednesday, as well as handed out harsh punishments for anyone who defied her rules.

Statements from Dictator Sunjae’s citizens

“Everyone had to follow what the Dictator said. The Dictator wasn’t fair because some people had to stand and others had to sit. Some people lost their break time and had to listen to a story. We didn’t get heard at all.” Agustin

“Dictator Sunjae wasn’t good at giving orders that were fair for her citizens. She had some people sitting on the ground while others wre standing. I think dictatorship isn’t fair because only the dictator has the power to control everyone” Do Hyun

Thursday and Friday was a long day of voting and decision making as 5B embarked on a democratic system of governance. President Grant appointed his ministers and set about working out what roles and responsibilities his citizens would have.

Minister of Recreation; Alinghi, President: Grant, Minister of Sanitation; Khoi, Minister of Equality; Chikashi, Minister of Justice; Hannah,

Friday saw G5 reflect and identify what they know and need to know about different forms of governance. Students selected a governance system they wished to explore further and were tasked with building a shield to represent their system. Anarchy was overwhelmed with students.

These Democrats should think about politics as a future. They were outstanding when coming together to work as a group for the first time.

The purpose of this UOI is to inquire into

  • the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities
  • forms of governance (Form)
  • the responsibility of citizens and government (Responsibility) and
  • the effectiveness of governing systems ( Perspective)

5B are continuing to explore fractions, decimals and percentages and how they can be converted and applied to everyday situations.

Discussion text type; 5B students completed their pre-assessment for discussion text type. They had to choose from two prompts.

  • Choose an energy source to power UNIS and write a discussion showing why this is and is not a good choice
  • Would you choose to be an only child or to have siblings? Write a discussion showing why this is or is not a good option.

The results of this assessment will be given to students next week. From there 5B will determine which elements of the writing they need to make improvements.

Dinner time talk

  • What governance system would you choose to live in?
  • Is it important for citizens to have a voice in this modern world?
  • What shapes were used to create the Japanese star which celebrates the new year?
  • What governace system rules the country we come from?


  • 18th Jan – new family orientation
  • 21st Jan – Start of Semester 2,
  • 28th Jan – reports home to families
  • 30th Jan – Parent Teacher Conferences 10am – 6pm
  • 31st Jan – Tet Assembly
  • 1st Feb – Blue Dragon Walkathon

The Week that Was

Enjoy your weekend

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