Week 16 – 2nd to 7th December

Welcome, 5B Community,

Another busy week for 5B as we head towards a well-deserved break.

Students shared their energy reports with 5A students. The purpose was to enable students to share their findings (research), check that sources were reliable and relevant, and identify information that may have been omitted from their reports.

A new experience for students this week was to develop the criteria for their Energy rubric. Each G5 class was responsible for crafting statements to describe learning in four different areas; ‘Function’,’ Causation’, ‘Responsibility and ‘Self Management’. This is a challenging process but one that deepens and enriches a students understanding of how they can show or demonstrate their understanding and learning. 5B was responsible for ‘Function’.

Next week students will enter the world of debating. Small groups of students have to express, prove and disprove energies effectiveness, in order to control how a make-believe island will be powered. As the student’s craft their debates, competition is beginning to heat up. Comments such as “your given energy source isn’t renewable” or “your given energy source is closely related to ours”. We are all looking forward to the chance to argue for, and against an energy source.

As we continue to work towards understanding fractions, decimals and percentages we are also working on abstract problems that make us think, questions and call on prior knowledge to solve problems.

Writing an information report has involved a range of elements. Some new to students and some not so new. General statements that state facts and not opinions. Connecting sentences that link important and relevant information and finding visual literacy pieces that clearly explain and support the content within the report. Your child’s group’s report will be linking into their Seesaw platform for you to enjoy and hopefully learn a little bit more about energy sources and what the world is saying about them.

Development Challenges
This week 5B students have begun to embark on personal development challenges that strengthen perseverance and focus. The ‘Cup Stacking’ challenge is developing coordination, strategies and healthy competition. Students are enjoying beating their own times and challenging others as well as figuring out more efficient ways of stacking and unstacking cups.

See more photos in the Week That Was section 

The ‘Sketch What You See’ challenge is developing focus, perspective and calm (a moment to be still). The days are so full that we hardly get a chance to stop and look at our environment or be on our own to create. These challenges are time short but hold great value. We will continue to set ‘Development Challenges’ as the year unfolds.

Makey Space Inventions
5B continues to create inventions that use electrical energy. Some students are making pot plant alarms that let the class know when the plants are dry and need watering. Some students are experimenting with motion sensors that will activate a light. Some students are attempting to create a wind turbine that powers our classroom lamp and others are creating solar-powered vehicles. These hands-on tasks allow students to put their understanding of circuitry and alternative power knowledge to the test.

Save the Date:
Elementary School Movie Night (Grades 3-5) – December 13th, 2018

The Week That Was:

Dinner Time Talk

  • What is a teaspoon of action?
  • What energy source are you investigating?
  • What is the difference between transferring energy and transforming energy?
  • Which energy source do you think countries should use and why?


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